114 days to go.

I took a walk this evening. A little boy was walking with a man, supposedly his father. I said, “Hello”, and the man responded with, “Hello”, and then said, “Say hello”. The little boy and I both obeyed and said, “Hello”. We passed each other and kept walking our opposite directions. About 20 feet later, the little boy and I both turned around and waved at each other. He had red hair, a little darker/brighter than mine. We would be best friends if given the chance because clearly we are from the same people, we are on the same red-headed path that every true red-head understands.

I remember my first boyfriend, who was African-American, nodding to brothers we would pass on the sidewalk. I asked him what it meant, what they were saying to each other. He wouldn’t tell me.

I think we need to nod more. Nod because we are both short, both tall, both old, both young, both American, both women, both work at the same place, both on the same block, same city, same park. Nod because we are human on the same planet.

Awhile back, I was at Lowe’s Hardware store. I needed sanding paper. I found the sanding blocks/papers/sponges section. I was staring at all the options along with a latino man. I asked him, “How are we going to choose the one we need?” He had no idea. And I had no idea and we both ended up picking different ones and wishing each other good luck in our projects. We were nodding, in our shared common interest and problem.

I think we should nod more, looking for things in common with the people around us.



115 days to go.

Early morning work meeting. I get to be Employee of the Month for another month. Lucky me. Day 8 of eating Vegan. It’s not so hard. No donuts, no cheese, no meat. Once you get use to it, once you know you can do it, once you are successful, once you give yourself some grace, once you find alternatives, you can do it!

Work ended with doing nursing duties in the bathroom thus I was so happy to leave and grab Thai food with B and L.

REMEMBER: “Life is short but being Vegan makes it feel long.”-Rhonda

116 days to go.

My co-worker J who has been gone for 2.5 months biking across the US came back today. It was so good to have her back. She’s amazing.

Today is B’s birthday so I took her out to Frankie and Jo’s plant based vegan ice cream store. We love it. We’d celebrated last week already but when it’s your real birthday, you also gotta do stuff. We watched Office reruns while she waited for S to come to take her out for dinner.


117 days to go.
Late Entry.

Sunday, Fun Day. There just one little boy named R in nursery at church so K and I talked the whole time. R is teething but relatively easy to keep happy. ¬†Pastor J preached a great message and then I raced over to J’s house so we could go float GreenLake. It was cold so J and I went shopping and eating which is our activities of choice when floating is not an option. I got Mushroom Congee at Ba Bar. It had a lot of mushrooms. I am not a fan of mushrooms. Molly Moon’s has a great vegan sweet mint ice cream.

Raced home to make taco pizza and pesto pizza for B, K, and L. They loved it but I don’t think I converted them. We then walked down to the Central Cinema. And although the original 1979 Muppet Movie is fabulous, we were all glad it was only 1.5 hours. Fabulous quirky theater. The theater guy gave me free popcorn cuz it’s almost my birthday. Great evening. K spent the night on the couch which means I was so safe.

118 days to go.

Late Entry: I gotta get caught up on these posts.

So Saturday. Day 66. Brunch at the Local 360 with E, B, S, M, and J. All their meals looked fantastic and mine was so vegan. Did other Saturday stuff and then went over to other J’s house because some other plans were cancelled. I told J that I eat vegan and although he was less than thrilled, he already eats Tom Brady meals half the time which are…wait for it…vegan. We made some rice noodle tofu meal from Tom but it was missing the black bean paste or something and it didn’t quite taste delicious like the recipe. J goes to bed at 9:30PM so I left and went to bed like it was a Tuesday night.

Remember: You can do it. Half your battle is just believing you can do it. Heck, it’s probably more than that.

119 days to go.

You know, it was a fabulous day. Our clinic closed at 12pm as we went down to the park by the water and welcomed home a co-worker who has been on the Bike the US for MS ride since May. It’s incredible and they raised $60,000 for the clinic I work for. Great time, great food, great party. And it was so hot and hazy but I love it. I would rather it be hot and hazy than cold and clear. We dripped sweat and it was glorious.

Then I sprinted, in my car, to pick up E (not ecstasy) and get to Bellevue to help set up for a party to celebrate a friend. E and I stopped at QFC since we were both hungry so I started looking around for what I could eat at the deli. Nothing. It was all meaty and seafoody. So they made me a sandwich. Bread, hummus, oil, vinegar, lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato, green pepper. Never in a million years would I think that would be my go-to dinner. I am not a rabbit but here I am acting like it. Half-way through the party, I seriously felt so ill. Dang diet. I was like, man, who does this if this is how you feel? Headaches, nausea, and just wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out. Withdrawals, man, withdrawals. They had hummus at the party and after 4 days of eating hummus, I could not stomach more hummus. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to do it. I couldn’t do it. But was I craving a cheeseburger? No, not at all. Then the wave of illness passed and I felt great again. Strange. But anyway, enough about that.

119 days to go. You know, anything can happen in 119 days. Absolutely anything. And God already knows exactly what the next 119 days will hold. Miracles, tragedies, surprises, gifts, pleasantries, sad times, happy times. But you can only take one day at a time. Just one. Live today to the fullest. Express love, joy, faith. Don’t keep it to yourself. Show it, speak it, live it. Trust that God will get your through, through the valley, through the mountain. Don’t give up. Never give up. You’ll make it. I know it.

120 days to go!

It was a great day! And I feel pretty good.

I told neighbor P about trying to eat less animal products (well, actually NO animal products). He was sweet and we had a great conversation about it as I gave him a bunch of great cheese, fancy burgers, ¬†and cheesy pasta sauce. I was happy that the food wasn’t going to waste. P works at a restaurant. He says there are 2 types of Vegans. There’s the snobs who demand you serve them exactly what they want with a billion specifics and then there’s the humble people who say, “Is there any way you can possibly help me with a dish that doesn’t have animal products in it?” I don’t want to be a snob, a weirdo, and a puffed up know-it-all. P and I agreed, no one likes those people.

Then P’s girlfriend L came home and I told her about it all too. She’s so sweet too. We looked at the diner stools that P had just bought at Goodwill that he’s going to clean up and put in his house. He’s handy like that so I’m sure they will look great.

B came over. I haven’t seen her in such a long time. I made her a vegan dinner of pasta with tomatoes/basil and reduced balsamic vinegar along with fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. We then walked to Safeway for a few items and then came back and I introduced her to the Great British Baking Show. She loved it along with our cashew non-dairy ice cream with salted caramel. It was so delicious. Seriously.

The worst part of my day was realizing that I missed Garbage Day today. I had cleaned out my fridge so my little garbage cube was stuffed! What am I going to do for a week with all my garbage, in 90 degree weather no less?! Gross.

And then B…in all her generosity, offered to take all my garbage. I almost cried. What a gem. What kind of friend offers to take all your garbage? I wanted to decline but I wouldn’t want to rob her of the blessing that comes after being so dang generous and kind.

I got 2 more Vegan cookbooks in the mail today and I started following a bunch of Vegan people on Instagram. Day 3 of this was a success. Although I did eat some Reese’s Pieces from R’s desk at work. I don’t think they are vegan but I’m not going to check.