I am not an expert on environmentalism.  I am not an expert on recycling.  I have never watched Al Gore’s movie.  I do my part but I am not obsessed with saving the planet.  I recycle, I take the bus, I eat leftovers.  But there is a group of people I know who are very “green”. 

 There are those who preach about going all green and they take their bags to the grocery store and they drive Hybrids (and SUVs when they go to Costco).  They blog about the environment, and polar bears, and smog.  They are not who I am talking about. 

The group of people I am referring to are the homeless.  (My definition of homeless are those living on the streets, in shelters, under bridges, in tent cities).  These people aren’t buying cases of bottled Aquafina water like me.  They do not drive a car with exhaust which clogs up the air like me.  They don’t have gym memberships which means they don’t use the electricity required to run on a treadmill, listen to an iPod, watch the provided TV, with the fluorescent lights on.  They don’t generally use their cell phone for everything (if they have one).  They aren’t using the Internet (which takes electricity) to blog about the environment.  If they use a computer, they are going to the library.  They aren’t using planes, jets, boats, helicopters (all of which are very ungreen to my knowledge).  They probably use a kleenex longer than I do or use their sleeve (that’s being very green-double points if your snot is also green HAHAHAH).  They aren’t using chemical carpet cleaner, windex, bleach, dishwasher liquid, etc.  They aren’t buying tons of magazines and newpapers (killing trees).  I have seen people pick up cigarette butts and smoke the rest that was left behind.  Granted the smoke isn’t good but that is a little less butt on the ground.  They are wearing the clothes you got rid of so you could buy more clothes made in a sweat shop by poor people.  They are recycling your pants, your shirts, your underwear.  They are going through the garbage looking for the things you couldn’t stand.  They aren’t spending a fortune buying a house made out of all recycled material.  Their cardboard box without electricity is more green than your 5 million dollar home with energy saving light bulbs. 

And how do we reward these people?  We complain they are dirty (saving water by not showering every freaking day for 40 minutes LOL).  We write petitions or better yet, we ignore them all together hoping they will just go away.  We break up their communal living tent cities or refuse to build more shelters.  Communal living is way more environmentally friendly than me, living by myself in my one bedroom condo. 

Really?  Who are we kidding?  We like being environmentally friendly when it’s convenient, popular, and cool.  The homeless are environmentally friendly even when its not convenient, popular, and cool. 

I am not saying move out, sell your car, stop using sticky notes, or stop flushing the toilet so much.  Honestly, I love Seattle. I love that we are so “green” but sometimes I think we are just a bunch of hypocrites.  And what are blogs for except to tell people your opinion…:)