The other day I was outside and was slightly irritated by the noise made by some teenagers who were skateboarding.  So I thought to myself, “I wonder what their mother would say if I went to her and complained about her children making too much noise”. 

And then I thought about what I will say when the day comes and someone complains about my children making too much noise, whether in church, outside, or while skateboarding.  And this will be my response:

“Excuse me?  The noise?  It bothers you?  I’m sorry.  What would you rather they be doing?  They are outside.  They are having a good time.  Would you rather they be in your alley, smoking crack? They could be building meth labs.  They could be doing heroin.  They could be.  But they aren’t. Would you rather they be in your house, taking stuff?  Those are all quiet adventures.  Would you rather they be hiding somewhere with their girlfriends, having sex at 13 years of age?  How about they stay inside all day, watching dirty movies?  My boys can be a little loud.  They can be a little disruptive.  But you know what?  They aren’t tagging your garage.  They aren’t joining a gang.  They aren’t shooting guns right now.  They are skateboarding.  They aren’t killing anyone.  They aren’t stealing cars.  They aren’t throwing rocks.  They aren’t committing suicide.  They aren’t partying.  They aren’t drinking.  They aren’t looking at porn.  They are boys.  They are MY boys.  And I want them to skateboard.  It’s when they get quiet, that I start to get worried. So, you tell me what you would rather they do.  Personally, I think skateboarding is the best option. Have a nice day.”