(Preface:  This may be written out of frustration for just having spent $400 to get my dumb car fixed again-This is also due to observations I have made of dear struggling women I know).

The Bible references Widows many times.  The Bible is clear about support of widows and orphans.  The Bible is clear that the church is to help these people more than the person with husbands, fathers, and sons.  The Amplified Bible has in parenthesis beside the word Widow, “solitary and without support”.  In other words, no husband, no father, no son.  No man is advocating for her in a “man” world.  I believe the Bible is still relevent today.  I believe there are women who are “solitary and without support” who are not widows per se, but still need support of the men in the church.  Can we expand the compassion required for solitary and without support women to include the single woman and divorced woman? 

I am alone.  By choice I suppose.  I could move back to Yakima or Grandview.  I could live near my family but I don’t.  Is it possible the local church we belong to can fill in for them?  Is it possible to expand the definition because we honestly don’t know too many widows?  Is it possible the tough exterior is due to the wear of trying to do everything on her own?  Is it possible that the shoulders bearing the burden of careers, mortgages, kids, cars, bills, schedules are tired?  Is it possible there are those who are refusing your help but really wish you would just be sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit, and see beyond an initial denial of help?  Is it possible there are those crying themselves to sleep because of the load, who really feel like there is no one who really cares or has the time? Is it possible that there are those who really do want to get married but are just not getting asked?  Is it possible we have created a society that is full of people doing life on their own because we all bought a lie that independence is better?  Is it possible that satan is the creator of people doing life on their own, watching out for themselves, not wanting to give up selfishness/independence for a commitment/covenant?

We live in a world where single/divorced/widowed women continue to be ripped off/scammed/taken advantage of.  Like it or not, men need to protect the women they know. 

What am I asking?  I am asking that if you are a man, to step outside your box and your usual way of looking at the world.  I am asking you to be sensitive to the woman who is struggling.  I am asking you to look beyond the obvious.  If she is asking for help, please don’t make excuses.  If she is annoying you, its for a reason.  She is not asking you to marry her.  She is asking for help.  Don’t be scared.  Don’t run the other way.  Don’t say, “Sucks to be you”. 

Practially speaking:  Is she having car problems?  Is she needing help moving?  Is she needing a ride home from a medical procedure?  Does she need someone to go with her to the lawyer/the car salesman/landlord/etc. ?

The more men who help a lady, the less one man will feel overwhelmed.  Nothing wrong with teamwork when helping a woman feel supported.

Is there GRACE?  Yes! Yes! Yes! Does God care for the Single/Divorced and Widowed woman?  Yes!  Will God take care of us?  YES!  Does God provide for those who are alone?  Yes! Don’t you worry-God is gonna work it all out for our best. 🙂