Remember the movie Shrek?  Remember the part where Shrek and Donkey are in Dragon’s castle?  They had just rescued Princess Fiona and were hightailing it out of there with Dragon on their trail.  Donkey goes one way and Shrek, with Princess on this shoulder, starts weaving in and out of the pillars of Dragon’s home.  Dragon thinks she is just chasing the Princess but what she doesn’t realize is that even though she is chasing what is rightfully hers, and is in a very familiar place while doing it, that the way she is chasing is going to lead her to much pain.  Shrek is leading her around and around in order to ultimately tie her up.  And as Shrek finally jumps off the edge, Dragon jumps too, but the chain around her neck, that has been carefully woven through her own home, keeps her from grasping her prize. 

I wonder how many of us this pertains too.  I wonder how many of us are chasing ultimately good things but the way we are chasing is in the end going to give us much pain. 

Galatians 3 (MSG)-“…For only crazy people would think they could complete by their own efforts what was begun by God…”

How many times does God give visions, dreams, revelations and we, in our own strength, gain momentum and start running our own way.  Sure, we give God glory, and still go to church, but don’t allow the impact of what he has given to truly develop because we are so caught up in ourselves.  Is there grace?  YES.  Is God good?  Yes.  Does he know that we are people who love to go back to our original nature?  Of course. 

Let it go.  Let God carry for you what he originated.  He didn’t need you to start it and he doesn’t need you to finish it.  Do your part as he tells you to but honestly, give it back to him.  He really does know what he is doing.