If a pair of pants and a pair of sunglasses are different than a pair of shirts, pair of pillows, pair of cars, pair of eyes, then am I getting ripped off when I buy a pair of pants and it’s only one?  A pair means two so why do I keep getting one when I say I am buying a pair?  A pair of pants has two leg holes but a shirt has two sleeves but that is not considered a pair of shirts.  I wonder if there use to be two pants in a pair and now we are getting ripped off but still telling ourselves we are getting a pair…

If all the billionaires gave away their money to us poorer folk, would we all then be poor cuz we would all have the same amount of money? Or would we be considered rich?

If we did away with money altogether and had to bartar and trade using stuff we actually owned or services we could provide, what would I offer?  How long would I last?

Are there things we are ingesting now (like cigarettes use to be) that we consider safe but we will soon be notified are detrimental to our health?

How would our lives be different if people lived to be 900 years old today?  Would we have more kids cuz we have more time to have kids or would we have less kids because they are around for so long? 

Why do people not take care of their feet? You only get one pair of feet (yes, two) and once they are gone, they are gone. Bend over and scrub them, file them, trim them!

How would the molecular structure of our eyes change if everything worn, painted, created was in black and white?  Would our minds change?  Rainbows would be pretty boring.

Would we have more grace for people if we automatically knew their faults?  What if everyone was given an orphan baby as their own when they turned 21?

What if we sent everyone through medical school?

What if you could change daily how tall, how heavy you were?

Who would we marry if we were told that tomorrow you had to choose someone to live with for the rest of your life for the sake of the economy and environment?  No more running solo.  Partnership/marriage required. Tomorrow.

Is Attention Deficit Disorder more prevelant or are we as a society less patient?

What if we all looked the same?  Would we wear name tags?  How would we keep track of whose kid was whose?  We wouldn’t be able to tell how old a person was.  Would we all be on the NBA?

With the knowledge currently stored in the brains of the current living humans, could we rewrite the book of the world if they were all destroyed? Could we rewrite the Bible?  I wonder what we would call the new version?  the NNIV-new new international version?

Why does a bag of peanuts say that the product may have been processed in a plant containing peanuts?  It better have been processed in a factory with peanuts cuz otherwise what am I eating?

Who was the last person to actually try to smoke a cigarette on a plane?  I wonder if they claimed ignorance.  I recently was on a Delta Plane with 39 passenger seats and found 80 no smoking signs (39 were on the safety cards located in the back of the seats).  That’s over 2 signs per person if it was a full plane which it was not.  The bathroom, which was no bigger than a postage stamp, had 4 DO NOT SMOKE SIGNS/symbols.  And so I wonder, who was the idiot that made it necessary to have so many signs/symbols on a plane.