Prayer use to bore me as a teenager.  It was repetitive, predictable, and BORING!  Talking, talking, talking and seeing no results?  Who wants that?  Why waste your time? Sure, we are talking to God but doesn’t he just do what he wants to do anyways?

No.  I don’t always get it, but God wants us to pray.  Praying is talking to God and for those of us who have used all our allotted words for the day by 5 pm, praying, perhaps should be done earlier in the day.  Seriously, praying after 5 pm is different than praying before 5 pm for me.  I just don’t know what else to say after 5 pm.  “God, do what you think is best, AMEN.”  That’s not what God really has in mind when he draws us to pray.

Prayer is not bringing a list, it’s building relationship.  If we treated our friends the way we treat God, would we have any friends left?  LOL , that is not actually that funny to think about.

So, prayer is important and there is plenty to pray for but when?  Get up at 5:30 AM and fall asleep in the middle of it?  Your family better hope they are first on the prayer list because by the time you get to your friend Billy, you are nodding off and your words aren’t making sense.  🙂

I like to be spontaneous-not really into doing the exact same thing every day, the exact same way.  But I had a thought the other day (10 days straight now). I can pray at lunch!  And since I don’t want to look crazy, looking like I am talking to myself, I take my phone along as a prop.  I look like I am on the phone but I am on a secret mission.  A mission to see the lives of the people around me improve.  There is something stimulating when passing hopeless, broken people on the street and realizing that by praying to God, He can change the city!  God can bring truth, freedom, revelation and peace!  I can pray for hope to flood our streets!  I can pray for divine appointments for my friends who are job hunting.  I can call on God to protect my Pastor.  I can pray for the salvation of the witches, the suicidal, the outcasts, the confused.  I can pray and see things change.

Just 5-30 minutes-depending on the day-grab the phone (and perhaps an umbrella) and start walking down the beautiful streets of Seattle (or elsewhere), full of people, calling on God to meet us here.  I am not gonna get to heaven and have God tell me, that this city could have been transformed if we had only asked.  You have not because you ask not.  Really?!!

It doesn’t matter where you are-excuse yourself and start walking and talking to God.  It doesn’t have to be 10 hours.  We think we can’t pray because we don’t have an hour to give to God.  Give him 10 minutes per day.  Give him 30 or 60.  Just give him something He can work with.  My God can work with my 30 minutes per day.

I won’t be on this secret mission forever of praying downtown (because I probably won’t work downtown forever) while on the phone but for now, it’s working for me.  I love praying for people as I look them in the eye and keep on walking.  They have no idea that soon they will know just how good God is.  Seattle go to hell?  Not on my watch.