I watched a co-worker do something that reminded me of the message I heard by Andy Stanley this morning.

My co-worker was playing with the tab of her can of Starbucks Double Shot Espresso and Cream. She was talking and unaware that she was bending the tab back and forth, twisting it.  When the tab popped off and fell into her drink, she let out a “F—” along with other words that described her frustration and surprise.  Now, the funny thing is, is that I was watching her this whole time and it came to me as no surprise when the tab fell down the opening into her drink. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that future.

We all have dreams, goals, visions, and hopes for the future.  We all want to be somewhere different than we are in 20 years.  We have good intentions.  But good intentions do not translate into sudden realized dreams.  To continue going off what Andy Stanley, you can take I-90 west all you want but you aint never gonna get to Florida. You can pack up the car, buy some sun screen, tell all your friends you are going to Florida, but it will not happen.  You can pray, cry, plead, but if you are on I-90 West you will not get to Florida. 

We all have good intentions and dreams of what we see ourselves doing or being in 5 years. I can say I want to run a marathon but if I continue eating hamburgers everyday and making excuses about why I can’t walk outside or get to the gym, it’s not going to happen.

People have heart attacks and are so surprised.  People complain about how they don’t have money but spend it all.  Buying shoes all the time, using credit cards, going to vacations, are not the way to go to save your money.  We spend money and then wonder why we don’t have any.  We get sick and can’t figure out that we got sick because we were out partying. 

To go back to my co-worker, What did she think was going to happen?  You end up where you are because you chose a path.  It wasn’t one event that got you where you are.  It’s a path that gets you to a destination.  Bending that tab back and forth was a path not an event and the result was severe frustration.  You don’t always have to be God to know what the future will bring (you know what I mean).  History really is a good teacher. 

If you are spending all your money, you will not become a millionaire (more than likely).  If you are reading the newspaper, instead of your Bible, you will not become a giant of the faith (more than likely).  If you aren’t cutting back on your eating or exercising, you will not lose weight.  If you surround yourself with violent people, you will not become a sweet mild mannered person.  If you only date ridiculous men, you will not marry a non-ridiculous man.  If you smoke all your life, don’t be surprised if you get lung cancer.  If you ignore all your friends, don’t be surprised when you wake up one day, and don’t have any. 

Just saying.  It’s not rocket science.  You can obtain your dreams but it’s possible the choices you are making are keeping you on the wrong path, the path that doesn’t lead to the destination you want to be.