Being human, we tend to forget things.  Big things.  It’s natural. But that means we need to make special effort to not forget.  To not forget the things we have gotten through.  Because one day will come, probably soon, when we will think to ourselves, “I don’t know if I can get through this”.  That thought may be just a fleeting emotion or really something we dwell on for weeks or months.  We can then remind ourselves of the things we have already gotten through.  And if we made it through that, we can make it through this.

I will not forget:

The time I accidentally jumped off the trampoline and landed on my head.  No one else was around but I remember thinking, “How am I okay? I just landed on my head”…That’s grace.

The morning we went to a surgery appointment and the surgeon looked at my foot, where a cyst use to be, and said there was no reason to do surgery.  People at church had prayed that morning that I would be healed.  And I was!  No surgery for little Rhonda in 6th grade…That’s grace.

The month after my sister’s preemie twins were born…They were so tiny at 4.5 lbs but they survived with no complications!…That’s grace.

The time I went sledding down a steep hill.  The goal was to jump off the sled before it hit the group of trees at the bottom.  I got going too fast and forgot to fall off the sled.  A boy named Michael Douglas saved my life by quickly pushing me off the sled just in time…That’s grace.

The many many times I have been seriously napping at the wheel while driving.  One time I was driving a 15 passenger van in Texas late at night.  The people had no idea how tired I was because they were sleeping too…That’s grace.

The morning I woke up with intense abdominal pain like I have never had before.  My dad was the only one home and I asked him to call 911.  He told me I was fine.  After an hour, it disappeared.  After I had written up a will.  I seriously thought I was going to die.  I don’t think my parents believe me to this day how bad it was…That’s grace.

The day I went skydiving…And lived…That’s grace.

The day I was babysitting for 3 kids and Russell, the youngest (2 years), pulled a bookshelf on top of himself.  I heard him crying and then ran into the room to see him under a bookshelf.  He was fine…That’s grace.

The healing of the warts I had on my hands and feet for a year! You have no idea what it is like to have all those nasty warts gone…That’s grace.

The time when I was lighting the grill and the propane blew up in my face…All that got hurt were s few eyebrows and lashes…That’s grace.

The time my hand got stuck in a car door that was actually latched onto my hand…My hand was completely fine and I felt no pain. “Uh, would you mind opening the door?  My hand is stuck!”…That’s grace.

The time I washed dishes in a drug house on 6th street with some friends from church…If you have been to this house, you would agree…getting out alive is  serious grace 🙂

The time my mom picked me up by my arm while I was watching TV and my shoulder was dislocated.  My parents didn’t believe I was hurt (do we see a theme here) so they put me to bed but I wouldn’t stop crying and would not use my arm so they finally took me to the hospital and it got put back in place…no problems since…that’s grace.

When a man walked into our kitchen, who was obviously mentally ill, trying to get home and after my mom tried to call him a ride, he left.  Could have been bad I suppose…That’s grace.

All the times I have cut and burned myself while cooking and still I have all my fingers…That’s grace.

The many times I have driven too fast on really icey roads…The time when screamed, “Jesus, stop the car!” And he did…That’s grace.

The many times I have left my straightener on all day…and the house never burned down…That’s grace.

The time when my nieces were attacked by wasps and it was only my hand that swelled up like a balloon because I was the one pulling them off their heads…Oh we were all traumatized but we lived…That’s grace.

All the times I have lost children I was suppose to be watching…Probably not that many times but I have been scared to death a few times at least…But no children were permanently damaged by being lost by me…well, nothing  a therapist couldn’t help with…That’s grace.

The time the monsoon hit the village I was in in India and the water was up to my knee–all the stuff that had been on the ground was now in the water I was wading in…I didn’t get sick…That’s grace.

I could go on and on.  You could go on and on.  God has been good to us!