So a few years ago, I read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Excellent book.  Well, I told my friend in New York she had to read it.  I think she was recently married and I felt like it was the perfect addition to the financial perspective of two people doing life together.  That Christmas, I sent her the book because she still hadn’t read it.

If you knew Jackie, you would know that not only is she gorgeous and could be a model if she wanted to, she can also sell ice to Eskimos.  She is very persistent and won’t let you sleep until you agree with her.  (I am exaggerating a little for the sake of keeping you interested but the gorgeous part is truth undeniable.)  She is just very convincing.

Jackie and Russ read this book.  They then told everyone they knew about how amazing it was and how it changed their lives.  One of the people they told, read the book, and then proceeded to get certified to teach the teachings with Dave Ramsey.  He now has a financial consulting business.

All because I sent the book to Jackie!!!  When she told me about how it has changed people’s lives after I sent it to her, I quietly congratulated myself for being so great.

But you know what?  Actually, I have nothing to do with this story really.  Someone told ME about the book, by someone who had told them, by someone who had told them, by someone who had told them, by someone…ETC….and it all started with Dave Ramsey.  I was just a link in the chain reaction, the domino effect.

I was getting proud of myself and then realized, I was just an innocent middlewoman who just did what she does: share what she’s got with those around her.