Tonight I was asked what I am doing tomorrow.  Well, among other things, I am going to a foot care class.  The person I told this to did not understand.  Pedicure class?  Cool!  No.  Foot care class.  I am a nurse.  We don’t do pedicures.  For the last 6 months, I have been filling a need that was filled by the wife of a millionaire.  She left.  Someone needed to do it.  I stepped in. (no pun intended).  As soon as I jumped into it, I had the grace to do it.  Foot care means that when homeless people or diabetic people or people with fungally feet (Or God forbid, all three statuses) come to the clinic I work at, I help them with their feet.  Homeless people have a hard time with their feet because they don’t take off their shoes as much as some of us (Cuz you don’t want to lose them).  Diabetic people have trouble with their feet because they lose feeling and sores don’t heal very well.  So, if you walk around barefoot, step on a tack, can’t feel it, it gets infected, and your body can’t handle the infection, you have problems.  Fungally feet people have trouble because their nails grow thick and regular clippers can’t clip nails that are an inch thick.  Get it?

So, I have a foot care class tomorrow.  It’s a gift.  Don’t ask me why I don’t mind feet.  Don’t ask me why finding toe nails in my hair doesn’t really gross me out.  Don’t ask me why I can sit on the floor with someone’s peeling, fungally, dry, calloused, sore feet in my lap, clipping and filing away nastiness without any trouble.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know.  I don’t know why it grosses you out so much.  You have your gifts.  I have mine.

Some people are super good at identifying brands and putting together outfits.  Some people can sell ice to Eskimoes.  Some people can talk to anyone about anything.  Some people are super good at investing, starting businesses, and networking.  Some people can cut hair and style it all day long.  Some people can learn 10 languages.  Some people can work out and build muscle like nobody’s business.  Some people can build cars.  Some people can build bridges.  Some people can build tables and chairs.  Some people can paint masterpieces.  Some people can tell jokes and make everyone laugh.  Some people can hear 5 conversations at the same time and answer everyone at the same time.  Some people love brussell sprouts.  Some people are really good at asking other people lots of questions about themselves.  Some people can understand chess.  Some people are super good drives.

I can do none of those things.  But I can do foot care for homeless people, diabetic people, and fungally feet people and by this time tomorrow, I will be even better at it.