Preface:  What I am about to say could be highly offensive to you.  I may not even post this.  If you are in a bad mood, don’t read it.

I have noticed more animosity lately.  Directed at me by a certain group of people.  Now, I love this group of people.  I think they are great.  I don’t see them the way they see themselves at all.  Honestly.  But let me build my case first.

Smokers don’t hate non-smokers.  They don’t say rude comments.  At least I have never had a smoker come out and say things like, “You don’t know what’s it’s like…Just because you are a non-smoker…etc”  Now, if they compare themselves to me, they do so quietly.  They know they have a habit they need to break.  They already have heard all the stats.  Sometimes I joke around and say things like, “Smoke one for me cuz I am having a bad day too”.  We like each other.  You smoke.  You don’t like it.  But you don’t hate me for not smoking.

Poor people vs. Rich people.  People who have more money than me, I don’t hate.  I understand they worked for their money and I respect that.  They have gifts I don’t have.  They work harder than me.  I can respect that.  I don’t hate them for having something I don’t have.  I don’t hate them when they drive their Porsche.  I don’t hate them when they go home to 15,000 square foot homes.  Homeless people don’t hate me either.  At least not to my face.  They don’t point out, generally, how they are poor and I am rich so I should feel bad and guilty for being this way.  I worked hard to get where I am at and I think they understand that.

Single vs. Married.  I love married people.  Takes a lot of stress off the relationships.  I mean, she doesn’t envy me anymore and he is not worried that I am being too friendly towards him.  They are both safe to be friendly towards though I put more effort into being great friends with her more than him.  I don’t hate them.  They don’t hate me.  Sometimes they say rude stuff but generally, we like each other.

Tans vs. Pasties.  I can’t tan.  I have tried.  I burn and feel guilty.  The tans don’t hate me.  They don’t understand me, but they don’t hate me.  I don’t hate the tans.  I like them.  I get a little jealous sometimes but I like them.  When they complain how white they are, I pull up my pant leg and say “Really? You think you are white?  Give me a break.”  But we like each other.  They know they can get skin cancer by tanning but we leave each other alone for the most part.  Sure they make fun of me sometimes, but I know they love me anyways..

Nice handwriters vs. Bad handwriters.  People with bad handwriting know they have bad handwriting.  They know no one can read what they write, but God bless them, they just keep writing.  They can’t help it.  The nice handwriters feel smug that they have such great handwriting but don’t make too big of a deal out of it.  It is what it is and we all get along for the most part.

Ok.  Here is the point of why I started this.

I am thin.  I have great genes.  My parents are thin.  It’s not their fault.  We eat til we are full and we stop.  We don’t buy junk at the grocery store.  We try not to overeat and we go on lots of walks.  We stay moving.  I multitask.  So, A) I have good genes  B) I eat in moderation  C) I don’t diet-I just buy healthier food than you.  Don’t hate me.  I know you are frustrated with your weight but I am tired of the comments, the remarks, the envy, the dirty looks.  I am tired of you saying over and over and over how it’s not fair, how I don’t have to worry about my weight, how if you had my body etc. The fact is, is that I do have to watch what I eat too.  I don’t generally stress eat.  Just like the smoker can stop smoking (though its hard), you can lose weight.  You put that weight on pound by pound and so you will have to take it off pound by pound.  I love watching The Biggest Loser and I cry when I watch it.  I cry because it’s a show about people getting free-free from themselves.  I would love for you to be free but it starts with you not hating the thin people.  You can’t become what you hate.  You have to love the skinnies.  You have to love us and learn to do what we do.  You have to get up and start moving.  You have to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  You have to get off the bus sooner than your stop.  You gotta give up the soda and the Kool-Aid and the ice cream and the fatty dressings and the Whiskey River BBQ chicken wrap that has more fat than the Red Robin Cheeseburger.

I am sorry you weigh what you weigh but seriously, it is about your health.  It’s not about being beautiful.  Skinny does not mean beautiful.  Confidence, a smile, love, and joy is beautiful.  Stop hating yourself and me.  You gotta get healthy.  You gotta get moving.  I don’t understand being overweight but I love you and you can do this.  You can get healthy!