The “D” word is Divorce.  My response, when you say you are getting a divorce will be different depending on what you base your life on.  If you say you base your life on the Bible, you can best be assured that I will respond.  I will respond with passion.  (If you do not base your life on the Bible, I will respond with passion as well but it will look different.)

If I am close enough to you, I will question you.  I will question your motives.  I will ask you:

-Would you say you are more in love with Jesus than you have ever been?

-Have you been reading your Bible and praying more than ever?

-How do you justify this knowing that the Bible says that divorce, unless it’s for adultery, is wrong?  And I would include, if your life is in danger, then get the heck out!

Marriage is not easy.  I am not married but I lived with a marriage for about 26 years.  My parents were pretty much the poster child of the statement, “Marriage is not easy.”  Now, they are amazing people and they both love God but, without revealing everything about them, they have issues.  When your marriage is hurting, when you are hurting, YOU PRAY!!!  My mother taught me that.  You get on your face and you cry out to God for help.  You don’t stop going to church.  You don’t pull out of life.  You don’t give up.  You don’t quit.  You don’t run.  You stick it out.  You keep going.  If marriage was easy, everyone would be getting in and staying in.  It’s not for wimps.  It’s not for cowards.

If you go through with your divorce, by going against the Bible that you say you believe, you will be delayed in the destiny that God has for you.  I am not saying He can’t restore and redeem.  But you will be delayed and detoured.  Do you hear me??? DELAYED.  You will be delayed.  God can work all things for good for those who love Him and are trusting Him.  But when you willfully go against the Bible, there are consequences.

You are hurting.  When people are hurting, they do not think straight.  They do dumb things.  Dumb things that wreck their lives. You don’t have to be one of them.  You can be different.

You are not an idiot.  You were not an idiot when you got married.  You might have been young and got married for the wrong reasons but EVERYONE (uh, yeah, pretty much) GETS MARRIED FOR THE WRONG REASONS!!!  And it’s God who works the wrong out of you through marriage. We are selfish people.  Marriage can work that out of you.  We are fearful people.  God can work that out of you.  Get into a petri dish called marriage and you can watch yourself change.

You want to be single.  You want to be selfish.  I am not saying all single people are selfish but…we are.  We like our space.  We like to make our own decisions.  We like not answering to others.  We like spending our money all by ourselves.  We like not having to pick up other people’s underwear.  We like not finding gross stuff in the toilet, the shower, the laundry, the garbage.  We like ourselves just the way we are.  You want that back.  You want to go back to being single.

DON’T DO IT!!! Do you hear me?  DON’T GO BACK TO EGYPT (Bible reference). When I am married , it’s for life.  I wouldn’t wish singleness on anyone.  It’s hard! It’s hard making decisions all by yourself.  It’s hard eating alone.  It’s hard sleeping alone (it’s cold).  Don’t be single.  Don’t do it.  I know it looks like us single people have so much fun mowing our green grass on this side of the fence, but marriage is for good.  Great things come out of marriage.  So he is not that man you thought he was.  PRAY FOR HIM.

Everywhere you go, there you are.  I learned that from my previous youth pastor, Brian Dolleman.  You can’t run from you.  You have got issues that surfaced during marriage but the marriage wasn’t the problem. It was just a magnifying glass for what was always there.

You can do what you want.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.