On 1st and Wall in Seattle, there is a Key Bank on the corner.  This may not mean anything to you but it means a lot to me.  That Key Bank use to not be there.  A year ago, that building was vacant.   I made a memory on the door step of that building.  A memory I will never forget.

A year ago, I was walking to church down 1st Avenue on a Sunday morning at 8:15 AM.  In the doorway of that vacant building was a young girl (20 years old?) and older man (65 years old?) and a middle aged woman (50 years old?).  The older lady was selling the Real Change newspaper so I stopped and bought one.  I stopped to talk to them.  I was in no hurry and everyone has a story worth hearing.  They noticed I had a Bible and wanted me to read it to them.  I opened up to Psalms or Philippians and started reading some of my favorite verses about God taking care of us all.  At one point the man wanted to read it for himself.  So, I gave him my Bible and he started reading too.  Then he pulled out his guitar and there on 1st Avenue we started singing, “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” or some well-known 90’s church song.  It was beautiful.  I will never forget how I had church with 3 homeless people on my way to church.  At one point in my 20 minutes with them, the man told me how his friend had died on that very doorstep where they sat.  Homeless and alone.  The man lifted his eyes to the sky and yelled out the deceased man’s name.  The girl leaned over and shook him saying, “Joseph!  Joseph!”  Trying to snap him out of his nostalgia and grief.  If she hadn’t been there I think he would have gone into weeping and yelling.  I stood there, reverencing the moment.  It was almost like we had a funeral for this man who was long forgotten by everyone but his dear friend Joseph.  You can’t plan moments like this.

I never saw them again.  Though I looked many, many times.  We had a church service on the doorstep of a building that is now a Key Bank.  We remembered a homeless man who tragically died alone.  And then I walked onto church, late but completely happy.