So, yesterday, as I was driving down the street, I realized something-something you all realized a long time ago probably. 

Worry does not happen because you are having a hard time-Worry does not happen because you are broke and don’t know how to pay your bills.  Worry is not caused by war, lost children, increased violence, miscommunication, winter weather, problems with your car, problems with your family, problems with your health, problems with your genetics, problems with your job, problems with your bills, problems with your debt. Worry, stress, and anxiety is a choice. 

In fact I would propose that even if you had no car problems, no debt, no relationship problems, no job problems, no friend problems-and were happyily married with plenty of kids, food, money, clothes, and the perfect weight that you would still find something to worry about. Worry is a frame of mind that is not caused by circumstances. You would find something to worry about even if everything was perfect.

If you like to worry and think about all the “what ifs” in the world, you will find things to worry about.  Worry about the weather, worry about your headache, worry about what others are worrying about, worry about what people will think, worry about what you will look like when you are 80 years old, worry about people dying, worry about people living, worry about it snowing or if everything melts, worry about pollution, worry about eating corn, worry about blah, blah, blah.

Maybe it’s that worrying makes you feel like you are planning ahead by anticipating bad things.  You are not planning ahead.  Your stress and anxiety proves nothing except that you are not in control of yourself and your thoughts.  Stress, worry, and anxiety do not show the world that you care more about things than others. It actually shows that you have no peace, no joy, no faith, no hope.  You can care about things and not worry. 

Let me tell you, I have things I could worry about.  I need to fix my car brakes that have 20% of life left in them (sooner rather than later).  I wanted to spend that nice chunk of change on Christmas presents.  I could worry.  I could worry that they will go out before I get the car into the mechanic next Wednesday or that they find more wrong with them once I get there.  Or that no one will like the cheaper presents I will be buying this year because of the bills I gotta pay first. 

Worry just paralyzes you into doing nothing at all.  Creative thoughts don’t flow when you are all stressed out and anxious.  Worry leads to more worry that leads to more worry.

God knows your path.  Trust Him to work it out. 🙂