“Stepping out in Faith” is not “stepping out in Faith” if you see all the steps in front of you, have perfect conditions, perfect circumstances (I just realized something, mid sentence—It’s 8:56pm…I’m tired…Here I am writing another blog post…I keep doing this…And having to erase them the next day….hahahahah…oh well…I love it), perfect understanding, perfect, atmosphere, perfect environment, perfect etc.

We are to live by faith (if you call yourself a Christian)—live by grace, hope, love, and yes, faith.  We walk by it.  It’s how we become what we are.  Believers in a God that people can’t see…That’s me—doing what most people call “crazy”.  Believing, hoping, loving, praying to a God who, at times, seems really far away and then at other times…so close I could hug His neck and laugh out loud with Him at the days to come.

We have dreams, plans, goals, and visions that we believe are God-oriented, God-ordained, God-given and yet we hold off on them.  Partly by wisdom and a need to mature before starting those dreams, plans, goals, and visions perhaps.  But what if really, we are just stalling—stalling because we aren’t sure we have what it takes—stalling because, it’s scary to do new things sometimes—stalling because, this faith thing takes faith and sometimes faith is a precious commodity that is in short supply (And I just dumped tea all over me…be right back…all better).

I think about people/relationships/friendships/family members that we push away or don’t get close to because we aren’t perfect yet, don’t have a ton of money, don’t have a 3 story house, don’t have answers, don’t have solutions, don’t have advice, don’t have perfect whatever…perhaps we feel we aren’t completely adequate in ourselves to help that person or get close to that person so we stall—we don’t call them, talk to them, befriend them-out of our own insecurity, immaturity, and lack of strength.  I am not saying you need to be doing things you aren’t ready to do but honestly, you may never feel ready.  It’s been said you will never feel really ready to get married…never ready to have kids…Why?  Because you are doing things you have never done before and it’s really hard to prepare yourself for something you have no idea what it is/what it involves.  I am not only talking about marriage/kids right now…it was just an illustration.

Peter didn’t step out on the water when it was all calm and sunny outside.

The woman with the issue of blood didn’t touch Jesus’ garment for healing when there was no one around and they were by the pool sipping iced tea.

The crowd of more than 5,000 didn’t get fed with five loaves and two fish when they were all at Red Robin and there was bottomless fries coming to the table.

Moses’ mother didn’t put him in a basket because she was bored and wanted to see what would happen if you build a little boat for your kid and put it in a RIVER.

These people had to walk by faith/cry out in faith when circumstances weren’t great, when there were huge waves, huge crowds, no food for miles and dinnertime, and a king wanting to kill all the Hebrew baby boys….That is the essence of faith—When times are hard, tough, less than ideal—That’s when faith steps in.  That’s when faith becomes legendary/inspirational to others.  When it’s not the obvious season/time/reason/solution—that’s when we really show what we are made of.  To say you have faith is different than acting like it.  Peter rocked the boat when he jumped over the side and walked on water.  I bet those other disciples got a little ticked when the boat was tipping over so he could get out of it…getting water all over…but who walked on the water?  Peter.  Peter walked on the water.  When it wasn’t calm.  When it wasn’t popular.  When it wasn’t polite.  That’s when he walked on water.  We wait and wait and wait and wait.  People die while waiting.  Being good at waiting is good…except when you aren’t waiting in faith but waiting in fear.

My point–Step up.  Step out.  Step on.  Get up-Get out-Get on.  No pressure.  Just sayin’.