I recently confronted myself about my insecurity as evidenced by sometimes not covering people’s weaknesses/quirks/momentary forgetfulness.

Humans are not perfect.  One day we act a certain way and the next day, we act completely opposite.  We are full of emotions, memories, ideas, revelations, experiences, hormones, etc that are flowing through our brains at inconsistent rates.  Each day brings new challenges, new difficulties, new options, new people, new thoughts.  An ever changing world coupled with an ever changing person, makes for a bumpy ride sometimes on the rollercoaster of life.  I am not saying you can’t stay balanced, stay consistent, stay even—But I am saying it does take some focused effort to not succumb to the natural flow of the craziness of life.

When a person is comfortable with themselves, mature enough to handle any situation with ease, secure in who they are, secure in their gifts/talents and secure in their weaknesses/flaws, they are able to cover another’s weaknesses/flaws.

Have you ever met someone who never has anything bad to say about anyone?  They don’t put up with gossip/rude speculation/negativity—they walk away or put an end to the conversation or defend whoever (depending on the situation).

For example, if someone has cheese on their face or spinach in their teeth, do I announce it loudly to everyone or do I quietly say, “Hey, you have a little something right here?”   If someone forgets my name, do I make a big deal out of it or do I say, “I forget names all the time too, don’t worry about it.”  If someone farts on the bus, do I turn around and loudly proclaim, “NASTY!  What kind of idiot would let one on the bus?  There is like no where to run! Who did it?”  or do I realize that everyone has issues and just quietly choke and try not to throw up in my mouth?

If someone’s fly is down or they need a kleenex or can’t do math very well or just burnt my dinner or accidentally ran out of gas in their car or got a speeding ticket or mispronounced a word or stood me up at Starbucks because they have been overwhelmed and just forgot about our meeting or their tag is out or they can’t dress worth beans or they can’t cook at all or came late or left too early or is not that great of a driver or can’t find a job or flunked a test  or is awful at putting on makeup or has a hard time cleaning their house or whose car is always a mess or doesn’t know where Africa is on the globe or just wet their pants , do I loudly announce and emphasize it to the world, or do I quietly ignore it/cover it for them/gently help them out?

It’s been my experience that we know our own weaknesses.  I am not talking about sin.  It’s not a sin to burn dinner or have your fly down on accident.  It’s human.  When I emphasize and showcase another’s weaknesses, I am really showing that I am insecure.  I am so insecure that I can’t just quietly help you if you want it or ignore it.  If I need to confront you on a certain behavior that is undermining me, fine, if done with humility and gentleness.  But we are all guilty of being human, having weaknesses, not seeing the whole picture all the time.

If a blind man steps on my foot, do I give him grace or do I tell him what an idiot he is for not seeing me right there in front of him?  Can I extend grace to others who are “blind” and mistakenly treat me less than I expect/deserve?

It’s been said before, and I don’t remember which famous person this was said about but “someone” never says anything bad about people because it’s possible, right when you are complaining/gossiping/repeating their weaknesses to others, they have already repented to God and He has already forgotten their sin, so why am I the one who is telling everyone all about so and so’s sin that minutes ago they repented of and are forgiven?

In other words, Tiger, Madonna, A-Rod, Brittany’s weaknesses/flaws/sins don’t need to be broadcasted because we all have issues and it’s possible that when I start talking about how “flawed” they are, that they just got right with God and the world and I have no business extending the crap another minute.

I use to go to church with a girl who was very popular and everyone loved her and yet she was not friendly to me.  It irritated me that she could be so rude all the time and get away with it.  Then I found out something—she gets migraines a lot.  Is it possible that on a day when I was sensitive and she didn’t talk to me so I got offended that she was battling the worse headache of her life and had been throwing up in the bathroom between services at church?  When someone forgets my name, is it possible it’s because they have been overwhelmed with the divorce they are going through, just laid off from their job, and have 10,000 other things to think about besides you?  Can I not just give a little grace and cover their momentary weakness?  People should not have to give me 5 million reasons about why they acted a certain way before I will give them grace.  I think the very definition of grace/mercy includes the fact that it is “undeserving” and “makes no sense”.

In our “dog eat dog” world we may have the idea that the only way I can get ahead is by broadcasting your weakness/flaw/quirk but honestly, that is not the way to get ahead.  If you want to be great, you have to be a servant.   Humble yourself and God will exalt you in due season. To go up, you gotta go down…

The closer I get to someone, the more weaknesses I will see and it’s at that point, if you want to keep people close, that you have a choice.  Should I tell everyone how badly you really keep house or can I just keep my mouth shut because who flippin’ cares?

Who cares if you have cheese on your face or still has Sprint instead of an iPhone or can’t type or doesn’t understand big words or is socially awkward?  In the vast scope of things, with all the war/death/sex trafficking/poverty/famines/politics/diseases, does it really matter if your tag is out or you are a bad housekeeper or you can’t do simple math or don’t know how to get to Sesame Street?

When we get our eyes off the things/people that really, truly matter in life, and become so detail oriented, critiquing and judging everything, we get sidetracked and messed up.

So, the next time someone does something dumb, without thinking, before you broadcast it to everyone, remember, you too have faults/weaknesses/flaws.  That person has many strengths/gifts/abilities and tomorrow, those “flaws” may not even be there…So, let it go.