Can I just clarify something?

The 10 Commandments weren’t given by an angry God to a bunch of people He didn’t know or care about.

God rescued the Israelites from 400 years of slavery with crazy miraculous signs.  Then He loaded them down with all the wealth of the Egyptians (which the Egyptians freely gave them)-Exodus 12:36.  Then He opened up the Red Sea so they all walked through it on dry land.  Then He fed them bread from Heaven and water out of rocks because there is nothing to eat in the desert.  Their clothes didn’t wear out for 40 years-these expensive Egyptian clothes mind you.

After rescuing, providing, building relationship, proving how much He was crazy in love with them, then He gave the 10 Commandments to help them live with each other better.

Hello!  If I lived in your house, as one of your kids, you would expect me to abide by your rules.  The neighbor might have rules, and that’s fine but in my house, you go by my rules. You wanna live at the neighbor’s house then you can live by his rules.  I give you my rules because I love you, I am taking care of you, I am the one who wants peace, I want the house clean, I want everyone to get along, and I want you to grow up healthy and responsible.

There is no functional family on the planet that doesn’t have rules/boundaries/requirements.  If a bunch of people are going to successfully live together, there has got to be guidelines.

1.  No making the neighbor’s dad your dad. He doesn’t give you your allowance, your dinner, your clothes.  You get that at home.

2.  When I call, you come.

3.  Don’t cuss.

4.  Tell your mom and dad you love them.  Don’t talk bad about them anywhere- school, work or on the playground.  That includes your grandparents too.

5.  On Sundays, we hang out together.  We gotta remember who the fam is so we are having a family day once a week.

6.  Don’t kill anyone.  You can yell and scream but no killing.  When your sister tells you to stop punching her in the arm, you gotta stop.

7.  No cheating on your brother with his girlfriend.

8.  Don’t steal anyone’s clothes, bikes, money, shoes, cars, makeup, earrings, food, books, movies, etc.  Ask!  They might just be more generous than you think.

9.  No lying.  Lying is for morons.  One lie always leads to another.  Don’t even go there.

10.  Don’t wish that what everyone else has was yours.  Don’t go around complaining/moaning/begging.  I have more than enough.  If you need something, ask me.  If I say no, then find something else to do.  The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Okay, so that’s not exactly how it reads but you get it.  We also live in the New Testament which means New Covenant—and that’s 10000000 times more exciting.  God’s goodness though has not changed.  And He is never unreasonable.  He is God for crying out loud.  He knows best because He knows everything.