I have heard the phrase, “Why not?” more times than I can count in the past year of knowing a certain woman/mentor.  Of course, her husband says it too so between the two of them I have heard, “Why not?” probably 100 times (and since I can count to 100, that probably means I should delete the previous statement of “more times than I can count”).

Such an interesting question.  In a world that loves to throw doubt at anything and everything, the question, “Why not?” throws the doubt back in their face.

We grow up thinking certain things are impossible.  We train our minds to leave certain doors shut because it’s easier, because it’s painful, because it’s unknown.  The “Why not?” question brings you face to face with your fears and makes you start thinking about “Why DO I think this way?”

God asks, in Genesis 18:14 and Jeremiah 32:27, and in other places as well, “Is anything too hard for me?”  You trust me in all these other areas, to save you, take you to Heaven, you trust I am coming back again, you trust I have a plan for your life, etc. etc. etc. but why in this area am I suddenly weak and unable to work a miracle?

There is nothing too hard for God!  NOTHING.  If God wanted to make it Sunday instead of Monday, He could.  If God wanted to raise my grandma to life, He could.  If God wanted to give me a million bucks, He could.  He is able.

We talk about things as if they are far off dreams.  Oh I wish this would happen or this would happen.  OR that this person would get healed or that I would love my job or that I would get married or that revival would break out in downtown Seattle 🙂 but WHY NOT?  WHY NOT now?  Why not with us?

If God is going to bless someone, why not me?  If God is going to heal someone, why not me?  If God is going to give revelation to someone, why not me?  If God is going to show up, why not in my house, in my church?  Why not?  What am I so afraid of?  That I might actually get so blessed I won’t be able to contain it?  That I might actually spend the night at church because I don’t want to leave because His presence is so real?  That I might not be able to stop sharing how good He is to everyone I meet?  That Seattle might actually get free from addictions, depression, mental illness, sexual perversion, etc.?

I think God is waiting for someone to ask.  Just ask.  If I asked my mom for just about anything right now and she would give it to me.  Why?  Because I am her baby.  You could ask, and you would probably get a “no” or tell me more about what exactly you are going to do with it  or when do you plan on repaying me.  BUT NOT ME.  I can ask and ask and ask and because she loves me, I know she will do everything in her power to provide it.

God loves us.  And because I am a King’s Kid, I can ask.  It’s my birthright.  I have been born into a family that is generous, kind, caring, loving and involved.  I am an heir.  But I don’t have to wait until He dies (cuz He ain’t going to-He already did that and He doesn’t have to do it again), I can have my inheritance and the joy of knowing even more is coming, right NOW.

Why not?

I am not in the Hindu family or Buddha’s family or Mohammad’s family.  I am in Jesus’ family.  I don’t ask Buddha for nothing cuz I ain’t his kid.  I am the King’s Kid so I, naturally ask…THE KING.

Which brings me to my original question.

Why not?

(And yet another blog at the moment of inspiration (11 PM) instead of at the moment when everything makes sense (7 AM).  But I think you get what I am saying.  We need to get bigger in every area of life.  We need to enlarge our thinking, our prayers, our requests, and our lives.

Why not?