Change is coming.  The older I get, the more I realize, I hate change.  Well, I hate change when I don’t think whatever is being changed doesn’t need to be changed.  I have no problem accepting change when it’s obvious to everyone and their dog that change is needed.

The washer is broken.  Ok.  Let’s get a new one.  No argument there that change is good.

Overweight?  Ok.  Let’s buy a gym membership and start eating less.  No argument there that change is good.

In debt up to your eyeballs?  Ok.  Let’s get some counsel, read “The Total Money Makeover”, get a budget.  No argument there that change is good.

Fighting and Arguing in the marriage?  Ok.  Let’s sit down with an older couple, get some wisdom, go to Hawaii together, read some books, go to a Family Life Today Marriage Conference (put this in for my brother in law-and I suppose for my future husband as well, though I am absolutely positive he will never argue with me ahahahahahha).  No argument there that change is good.

Change can be good when everything is obviously broken and getting worse by the second.  (Haiti, Wars, Poverty, Health Plans, etc all need changing/help).

But what about when things seem fine?  What about the times that I am completely content?  What about the times when I don’t think anything needs to change ever?  That’s when we all start to complain.

Counseling?  Why?  We are fine.

Read “The Total Money Makeover”?  Why?  We are living paycheck to paycheck but it’s not that bad.

Get Married?  Why?  I am doing just fine single.  I ain’t broken.  No need to fix what ain’t broken.  ahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha, whatever.

Go to the doctor because of my weight?  It’s not that bad.  Sure I am depressed and all my joints ache, but I am use to it.

Change something in the Church?  Why?  It’s growing–We are happy.  Aren’t we?  I don’t hear anyone complaining.  Let’s just leave everything the way it is.  I hear from God and God didn’t tell me anything needs to change—So any change, well, I am going to complain, voice my opinion, want to take a vote, and tell all my cute friends how unhappy I am.


Back your big bus up.  And think about what you just said.

The Debt?  Needs to change.

The Weight?  Needs to change.

The Marriage?  Needs to change.

Before it’s too late.  And it becomes “too late” when we shut our eyes and refuse to see what is coming.

The Church?  Well, sometimes it is necessary to change things around.  Without your vote.  Without your opinion (because everyone and their grandma will have an opinion).  Without your complaint.

Church and Change.

Unfortunately for you, God is not running His Kingdom as a democracy.  Sorry.  You are in the wrong place for that.  We Americans think we see and know everything because we have the Internet, Cell Phones, Satellites, Cable, and iPads (LOL).

News Flash:  You don’t see the big picture.  You don’t see everything.  You don’t understand everything.  And it’s possible, you never will.

Numbers 12 tells a nice story.  “Nice” in the most general way.  Miriam and Aaron were delivered out of Egyptian slavery by their baby brother.  Moses.  They follow Moses around and around the desert and apparently, they decided they didn’t think Moses was all that.  At one point (Numbers 12) they speak against Moses.  “Has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses?  Has He not spoken through us also?”  And the Lord heard it.

God is like best friends with Moses.  He is not best friends with Aaron and Miriam.  So God gets mad.  He gets mad because they are not honoring the God appointed leadership.  They are proud, disrespectful, and ignorant.  God calls them out and basically says, “I talk to Moses face to face—everyone else, I talk to through prophetic dreams/visions.  But not my boy Moses.  How dare you speak against him!  Are you not afraid of what I will do to those who question MY authority and power? I chose Moses.  Deal.”  Of course Aaron and Miriam repent (Miriam got leprosy for a week).  Oh, there are consequences for speaking against those the Lord has appointed.  We don’t live in the Old Testament times anymore.  But our God still does not like complaining, murmuring, and pride.

I go to a church that has excellent leadership.  I trust them completely.  I love my church and I know that God led me there.

If they want to make changes, whether I see the big picture or not, then bring it on.  I will stand up and support it.  I will not complain.  I will not voice my narrow opinion (and just FYI, any opinion, outside of God’s opinion, is gonna be narrow—anyone who doesn’t know God is narrow-minded because only when you are connected to the One who knows everything do you even have a chance at seeing beyond the obvious).

You want to know what to do about evil leadership?  Read about David’s responses in 1Samuel.

But the leadership I am following is not evil.  They have a big heart for a big city.  They are seeing beyond my little world.  They are seeking God and praying for strategy.  So, when they make changes, I know God is behind it.  When they make changes, I know it will turn out for the best.  When they make changes, I know God will work it out.  He will.  He always has before.

God is faithful.  God can stop and start whatever, whenever, however.

And my response?

“Let it be to me according to Your will.”  (Luke 1:38-said by a girl who had no idea what the days ahead would bring, except change).