So, The Keg is a steakhouse in Kirkland, WA.  I had never really had much desire to go there although I do enjoy steak- I just don’t care to spend $25 necessarily on a slab of red meat.  But since my parents were in town on a Friday night, and they would be paying (ah, the perks of being a daughter), I readily agreed.  I had only heard from my neighbor that it was a great place but never knew anyone else who had gone there (oddly enough).

We get there at 5 pm. The parking lot is packed.  Thankfully, we use the handicapped parking spots (hooray.) and did not have to circle around looking for something available.  There was a sign out front that did say, “Immediate Seating Available”.  Well, that’s good to know when it looks like it’s going to be an hour wait from our perspective in the parking lot.

My dad is in a wheelchair.  He can’t get out of the wheelchair at restaurants so it’s always interesting to see how the wait staff are going to respond to the challenge of a man.  In a wheelchair.

I can’t say I have ever had an overtly awful encounter with waitstaff and my dad but it’s always a little awkward.  Not at The Keg!  They were super nice and it was no big deal that they had to move chairs around (for some reason, moving chairs is always a big deal at other restaurants-or perhaps it is just my view from looking at their faces).

The Keg had great immediate seating.  The waitress was kind, considerate, agreeable, knowledgeable, etc. It was the bar that was packed but we couldn’t hear it from where we were sitting.

I got an 8 oz Teriyaki steak (don’t ask what kind because I don’t know) along with vegetables, sweet potato fries, and a caesar salad.  All of which were excellent.

We were in no rush so I had plenty of time to watch the staff.  They actually were helping each other!  You could tell they enjoyed being there.  Now, I may be exaggerating but from what I could tell, this was a happy crew.  There were smiles, politeness, bus boys helping out waitresses who were clearing tables, etc.  The manager brought our bill to our table and asked how the service was.  He was very nice, approachable and had been walking around the whole time we were there-it was obvious people liked him but what’s not to like about a 230-or-so lb man who is about 6’4”?

Now, granted it was 5pm.  The start of the shift.  By 10pm, they might all act like angry hornets.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I went there at 5 pm with someone in a wheelchair and the food was great, the staff was great, the atmosphere was great and I would go back in a heartbeat (which is about 60 to 100 times a minute).

The Keg.  Go there.