Preface: This is a general blog related to undeniable life itself. Even if it was related to a specific situation/person, that person doesn’t read my blog.  So, just read it and if you get a revelation for yourself, great. If not, great.

A friend of mine recently told me an illustration and said I could share it with you.  She has a pretty hook in her bathroom that she uses to hang towels.  Well, it’s really nice looking but with the least amount of pressure, the screw falls out of the wall/door.  So, every time it is used, it falls out. It looks nice to guests coming over but for her, it sucks.  And since we all talk to inanimate, deaf objects at times, she has of course, in frustration, said, “YOU LOOK PRETTY BUT YOU SUCK!!!” after it falls out of the wall and the towel falls on the floor.

You look pretty. You look like you have it all together.  But you suck.  You ain’t worth your weight in gold.  You are highly disappointing.

We all know good looking people.  I currently know tons :).  Most of these people are sincerely great people.  Then there are those who just look pretty.  They look like they have it all together.  They have great hair, great clothes, straight teeth, tan bodies with chiseled abdomens.  We all tend to be drawn to pretty people.  When I grow up, I want to marry the ugliest person alive. Who says that?  No one.  We are all wanting to improve and impress for the most part.  It’s human.  So, the Kens and Barbies of the world, get lots of attention.  They are easier on the eyes.

And we write off the others. We make quick assumptions about people based the the first few minutes of meeting them, looking at them, seeing what car they drive, seeing who they talk to, etc.  I am not saying some of our initial ideas about people are wrong-sometimes they can be spot on. And then again, they can be wrong.  We look at someone at judge, subconsciously, quickly, hastily-based on our own history with people who looked similar perhaps.

We hold up those people as the best of the best, cream of the crop.  We look at the outside.  We look at the obvious.  We don’t even know them, their character, their habits, etc.  We don’t know if they recently got off drugs, can’t hold down a job,  are rude to their mothers, hate their dads, unstable, unhealthy, unwise, only out for a good time and live only for today.

And then we are surprised when years down the road they get divorced and are broke and are unhealthy.  Well, hello!  Good looks don’t make a good spouse.  Good looks don’t mean good character.  Good looks don’t mean maturity, stability, wisdom, integrity.

Remember when the prophet Samuel went to find a king for Israel.  He went to the house of Jesse.  Jesse brought out all his good looking, buff, amazing sons.  Samuel was surprised that God said that NONE of them was the king.  NONE.  They all looked so great.  So together.  So with it.  So amazing.  But they didn’t have the character that the runt out back with the sheep had.  David had the character needed.  David was the anointed king.  David!  Of all people.  David, the forgotten.  David the ignored.  David the youngest.  David the weakling (who killed a lion, a bear, Goliath).  David was the chosen one-not his pretty boy brothers.

Even the prophet was overtaken with thoughts that truly the chosen person was one of the obviously gifted people.  Even the prophet picked David’s brothers to be king before David—But God does not choose as we choose.  If Samuel had picked who he wanted to pick, only God knows what would have happened and how it would have affected the whole lineage of David…Think about all the stories in the Bible that are preached on based on David and his descendents. Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, etc. Whoa dude.  Thank GOD Samuel didn’t pick like he initially wanted to but listened to what God wanted.

We would be wise to put away our lists.  Put away our assumptions.  Put away what we feel we need in a friend/a spouse/a companion/a partner.  And think long and hard about what truly matters.

You want Barbie?  You want Ken?  Well, I hear there is a blue light special down at KMart.  Just go buy one.  As for the rest of us, relax.  God is in control.  Don’t write people off so quickly.  The least likely is sometimes the most likely.