“Ooh! A new restaurant! How exciting!”

I had no idea what restaurant my sweet husband would choose for dinner but I was determined no matter where he picked for our anniversary, I would be happy. I could always order a salad wherever we went.

The new place he chose was quite busy but we were seated right away in a comfortable corner booth. I perused the menu and quickly found a dish that sounded amazing.

The waiter, a rather tall gentleman, came to take our order.

“I will have the Chicken Chardonnay, please.”

“Excellent choice, ma’am.  Would you like anything else?  A garden salad, perhaps?”

“Oh yes,” I replied.  “That would be great with ranch dressing.”

“Ok, I will let our chef know of your choice,” the waiter stated, “and will be back in awhile to check on you.” He smiled and turned to walk away.

Unsure that he got my order, I called after him, “You got that, right?  The Chicken Chardonnay with a garden salad and ranch dressing? You wrote it down so you wouldn’t forget?”

Suppressing his irritation, he replied, “Yes, ma’am.  I wrote it down. Right here.  Anything else? No. Ok. Be right back.”

My husband looked at me with a questioning expression.

“What? I wanted to make sure he got it right.  Oh, there he is over there.  I wonder if he told the Chef that it was ranch dressing I wanted.  That food should actually be done by now.  I wonder what is taking so long.  It’s been 1 minute.  That’s plenty long.”

As the waiter attended to a nearby table, I waved him down.

“Excuse me! Excuse me, Sir!”

The waiter looked over, politely excused himself from his current patrons.

“Yes, ma’am. Is something the matter?”

“Is the food done?”

“Is the food done?”, he repeated, “No, of course not.  I just gave the order to the Chef.  It takes some time to prepare quality.  It takes time to cook things just right.”

Desperately, and perhaps a little too dramatic, I threw myself at his feet. “It’s been 2 minutes! You didn’t really tell him what I ordered did you?  I just want the Chicken Chardonnay!  How hard can it be?  You are giving everyone else their food but me!  I keep seeing tray after tray come out of that kitchen, piled high with food for everyone else and their mom! But no food for me! Have I done too many bad things in my life?!”, I grabbed his leg and continued my tirade, “Please, please, please tell the Chef I really want the Chicken Chardonnay and that I am a really good person who deserves exactly what I ordered!”

As tears flowed down by face, I begged the waiter for my food.  Even with his reassurance that it was on the way, I just couldn’t believe him.  I didn’t care about the scene I was making (and let’s not think about what my poor husband was feeling).

“Please, my food! I’m starving to death and you don’t even care!  You never cared!  You don’t give a rat’s fat hiney about me!  Look at all the other people, all eating, all enjoying their evening!  Every item they ordered, they have received!  They smile and laugh because you listened to them but you won’t listen to me!  My stomach is empty!  My hands have no need for a fork for I have no food.  Where’s the Chef?  I’ll tell him myself about the misery I am in.  Do you need me to pay first? Is that the hold-up?  You need my money?  I have money! I can pay you, bribe you if you need me to.  Please, oh please, bring my food.”

The End.

Sometimes I think we have more confidence in a waiter at a restaurant that he will bring what we requested than we have in the God of the Universe who loves to answer the prayers of His People.

Stop whining.  Stop doubting.  Get back in your comfortable corner booth and wait.  Somethings just take longer than 2 minutes.  You are going to be okay.  You aren’t going to starve to death.