Why do people stare so much?

I don’t know why people stare. But I know why I stare.

Today, I watched two guys get arrested by police on bikes.  I stared because I was bored and what was going on outside was so much more exciting than the activity outside.

I stare also to memorize people’s details in case I have to tell the police about a criminal or something.

I stare at beautiful people because I am taking mental notes on how they walk, dress, talk, smile, and put on make-up.

I stare at disheveled people because I love homeless people and I want to see if there is anything they might need that I could help them with.

I stare at people who look familiar because I am trying to figure out if I know them.  If I know them, then I can say,”Hello, friend, how are you?”.   I usually don’t know them but have to keep staring because my brain wants to remember at least who they remind me of.

I stare at people who are yelling and angry.  I stare because I want them to know that I do not approve of their outburst.  I raise my eye brows and look disapproving.  Sure, its passive aggressive (hahah yes it is) but I don’t want to get involved, I just want them to stop being so disruptive to the calm.

I stare at people for no reason- sometimes I am thinking about things having nothing to do with the person I am staring at-sometimes I am thinking about work, food, family, friends, money, movies, songs, etc.  I would look silly shutting my eyes every time I was thinking about something other than anything to do with my surroundings.  So, I keep them open and you just happen to be in my line of sight.

Sometimes I stare because people say the most off the wall things and I am staring at them to see what else they will do.  People who are acting crazy are usually flowing with oddness and I don’t want to miss anything in case I need to Twitter all the unusualness.

There is a girl on my bus ride home that likes to stare at me. She has red hair. Maybe she thinks I am her long lost twin.

Yesterday, at work, a man was blocking the stairs.  I said excuse me.  But he just stared at me.  I edged forward, unintimidated by his blank look.  He finally, slowly, did move but said, “I was just looking at your hair to see if it was naturally red.”  I just laughed and said, “Yep, it’s real, all the way to the roots!”.

So, I suppose it could be said we all like to stare at unusual hair colors.  Although, red is not that unusual.  Chicago Bulls, Target, Blood, Nail polish, Hot Sauce, Red Pandas, Fire Extinguishers and Roses are all red things.  So, the world should be use to such a color.

Of course, my hair is not red.  Maybe this is what throws people off.  My hair is more orange than red.  Orange is the color of pumpkins and Tang.  So many less things are orange. That must be the issue.

I actually feel better after writing all this.  I was starting to get fed up with people staring.  My real favorite pastime is staring at people who are staring and thinking in my head, “They don’t even know that I am staring at them because they are so focused on staring,” and I quietly giggle at their obviousness (or oblivion).  All the while, someone is staring at me, trying to figure out if my hair is naturally so orange.