Webster’s Dictionary Definition of “Procrastination”:  To defer or delay action.  To put off till another day.

I think procrastination gets a bad rap.

I still had an unchanged clock (an hour behind) until last week.  I finally stopped procrastinating and changed it.

I have a scarf right now that is only half-crocheted (crow-shade, not crotch-et-ed) ahahaha.

I have one my childhood chairs that I have been wanting to mend-but it’s not mended yet.

I need to wash my car.  I haven’t washed my car since  last summer 🙂

My laundry needs to be folded since I washed it…last Wednesday.

Delaying certain actions only speaks of one thing.  Priorities.  My car is not a priority.  It is in excellent condition (per my mechanic who I just gave $700 to-it’s at 98,000 miles and per everyone and their mother, time for a timing belt/tune-up).  I do keep it maintained and well-vacuumed but as for washing it, well, in Seattle, it just seems silly when you know it is just going to get dirty with rainwater tomorrow.  So, yes, I procrastinate washing my car because the money and the time and the effort means more to me.

My laundry is not folded because I was doing more important things.  I had my mom over this week, went to a funeral, went to work, went shopping, and went to the gym.  Folded laundry is wonderful, of course, but currently, as I write this, it is not a priority.  We will all survive with my unfolded laundry for a little while more.

Things get delayed and deferred because they are not priorities.  My scarf, that clock, my chair, and my laundry are  not priorities.  Eating/going to church/spending time with friends and family/working/ and etcetera are important to me.

There are only 24 hours in the day.  I value rest/sleep.  I have no problem going to bed at a decent hour with unfolded laundry because I value rest over folded laundry.  You can only do so much.  Something will have to wait.  It’s apart of life.

Dirty dishes?  When there are children wanting you to spend time with them?  Hmmm.  Well, the dishes do need to be cleaned sometime.  But children grow up fast.

Unfolded laundry?  When there are blogs to be written?  Hmmm.  Ok-maybe I should be folding my laundry right now.

I think I will.  🙂