Have I blogged about this before?  I can’t remember and I am not going to reread everything I posted just to make sure.

Oh, and I am not sure how in depth I am going to go, so if you aren’t a nurse, maybe you shouldn’t read this…It might be TMI.  But I don’t know cuz I have not written it yet.  Just warning you.  Don’t say I didn’t.  Warn you.

Consider yourself warned.  Again.

So, over a year ago now, I was approached at work with a dilemma.  To take over the patients at my clinic who needed their toe nails clipped.  The nurse who was doing it, who was also a millionaire mind you, was retiring with her husband so…there was a void.

I have learned a few things in this life and one of them is this:  Do whatever is in your lap to do.  Just do it.  Find a need and fill it.

So I did.  I wasn’t excited.  But obedience doesn’t always mean jumping up and down with joy.  Sometimes it just means, doing it.  Maybe some people are blessed with automatic joy every time they do something nice.  Not me.  Sometimes I just do things so I can say I did them.  And that is probably all the reward I will get.  This post is not me boasting about what I do.  Shoot, I would stop if the need would stop.  If people stopped having long, fungal, thick, nails…I would jump with joy!  That would give me so much joy, happiness, satisfaction, excitement-uncontainable, uncontrollable, laughter would come pouring out of my belly.  No more fungal feet?  I will sign that petition and take it straight to Congress myself.

Let me clarify something.

I don’t work at your local pedicure spa.

I work at a clinic with people who are between a rock and hard spot.  People who have not been dealt the best hand.  People who are struggling.  Bless their hearts, many of them are doing the best they can.  Some are not.  But I won’t talk about them.

Diabetes can do a number on your feet because as I understand it, sugar, that just sitting out in your blood wears out your nerve/tissues/cells etc.  And then you can’t feel anything…and then you walk barefoot…and then you step on something…and you can’t feel it and all that sugar in your blood can’t heal your open gaping wound.

Plus, if you can’t reach your toes.  Plus, if you have fungus, your toe nails grow really thick…like they grow up, more than out.

So, you come to the clinic.  And you ask for foot care.  And then they call Nurse Rhonda.  And we go back to a room and you take your socks and shoes off….And I smile.  I smile when I say, “Well, I have seen worse.  Can you believe it?”  So, I sit on the floor.  You sit on a chair.  I start to chip away, file away, talk away.  Sometimes they hit me in the eye (I hate goggles).  Sometimes I find toenails in my hair when I get home.  Not my toe nails.  Long, thick, fungal toe nails.  And I laugh.

I have come to one conclusion in all this.

People don’t just show their feet to anyone.  A lot of people out there are hiding a lot of pain, a lot of shame, a lot of burden.

But they show it to me.  And I let them know, “I have seen worse.  And if I could help that last guy, I can certainly help you.”

People just want to be loved, accepted, and told, “You ain’t weird.  You ain’t too far gone.  There is hope.  There is a lot of it.  You have what it takes and we are going to get through this.”

Some people get all weirded out by feet. Feet are just hands on a different part of your body, used for doing different things.  Some people throw up in their mouths when I talk about toenails flying all over the room (it’s actually quite entertaining).  God made toenails and He gave me grace to not be grossed out.  Plus, when you have seen some of the toenails out there, then the pretty ones are so pretty you just want to…I don’t know.  Drawing a blank about what I want to do with the pretty ones.  Actually I do the same thing with the pretty nails as the ugly nails.  I throw them away.  Pretty and Ugly—they all need to go.

One guy came in with…you know what…It’s 10:30PM.  I need to go to bed.  Thanks for reading this.  I should never stay up past 10 pm.  I just get…Goofy.  🙂