In the past week and a half,  I have been hit by a bird (while I was walking down the street) and by a car (while I was in a car).

Yes, I am fine.  I didn’t get hit by an ostrich or a Hummer.  Just a crow and a Toyota CRV.

I was walking on Alaskan Way, praying actually, in downtown Seattle.  It was a bright sunny day.  There were a few trees around, not many, and all quite thin in nature. I was just walking.  I wasn’t climbing the trees, I wasn’t jumping up and down squawking, I wasn’t acting like a crow, I wasn’t in anyone’s territory.  I was just minding my own business.  Walking.  And suddenly I felt a swift hit to the head.  It hurt but it was more shocking/surprising than anything.  And then a bird swooped over my head and flew away.  There were people around but either they didn’t see or were way too polite to start rolling on the ground laughing.  It is an area heavily populated by tourists so it’s possible they just thought it was another one of those “Seattle things” so they didn’t know how to respond.  Who does know how to respond appropriately to the “Seattle things”?

Well, just so you know, getting hit in the head by a bird is not a “Seattle thing”.  I started laughing though quietly to myself as to not add more attention than necessary to the situation.  Are you serious?  I just got hit in the head by a bird!  What the heck?  What did I do to him?  I was praying for crying out loud.  I told one person I got hit in the head by a bird and she said, “Maybe it’s mating season.”  Well, maybe, if the bird is in 1st grade then yes, a swift hit to the head would make plenty of sense when trying to tell someone you like them.  It didn’t feel like he was trying to tell me that he liked me.  At all.

Then I got in a car accident.  I was driving and actually about to merge onto the freeway so I was stopped and I got rear-ended by a Toyota CRV.  Dodge versus Toyota.  I got the short end of the stick on that one and came out of it way more damaged.  Physically, I was fine.  But my poor big baby now has a trunk that won’t shut.

So, is the devil at work here?  Didn’t like me praying or driving?  Trying to get me down?  Thwart me from my destiny?  Should I be flattered?  Or irritated?

Or is this just the way of the world we live in?  Yes, birds fly around and sometimes they just hit you in the head (thank God he didn’t poop on me too, or lay an egg, or set up a nest, or peck me with his beak).  Yes, sometimes we get in car accidents.  It’s something that didn’t happen until we all started manufacturing cars.  There was a day when no one got in car accidents.  I like driving cars.  I like getting places faster than a bicycle will take me (maybe I shouldn’t say that in this part of the Evergreen state).  Cars hit cars.  People aren’t always paying attention (Yo mama’s so poor, she can’t even pay attention).  It’s life.  It sucks sometimes but it’s life.  I am just glad she didn’t come out swinging, or swearing, or hurt.  She had insurance, we exchanged info and went on with our lives.

You go on.  It’s part of life.  It’s not the devil.  We have choices.  I chose to walk.  I chose to drive.  And I will do both again today and tomorrow.  Could the devil use the situation to lie to me?  Sure.  But I ain’t gonna let him.

I have way too much to do than put up with a bunch of lies.  Lies are for people who don’t know the truth.  And I know the Truth.

God is good.  Sometimes things happen. We go on.

The End.