This is a fictional tale.  You apply it where you want to….in your life, your family, your work, your dreams, your desires, your ideas.

So, I was walking down the street.  It wasn’t the nicest day outside but it wasn’t raining.  Life was ho-hum but I didn’t have anything to complain about.  I just wanted to take a break from working on the month’s budget.  So, I’m walking, you know and I happen to see a house I had never seen before with a for-sale sign out front.  That’s random.  Not the “for-sale sign” but that it was a house I had never seen before.

It was super cute.  Perfect location too.  It was painted yellow with white trim.  It wasn’t brand new by any means.  I stopped at the sale sign and took a flyer.  My price range.  Hmmmm.  I had been looking for a house but not really expecting much anytime soon.  The lawn needed mowing.  The bushes could use some trimming.  But I could see the potential.  Great potential!  I wondered why it wasn’t bought yet.  Probably has some skeletons in the closet, spiders in the basement.  If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  Disappointed, I put the flyer back.  Why get your hopes up  on something that is just going to disappoint you?  I started back to the sidewalk to resume my ho-hum walk back to my ho-hum house to continue my ho-hum budgeting.  I glanced back at it.  There was a yard in the back with big trees.  Quiet neighborhood.  Lots of parking for friends.  There was a car in the driveway.  I wondered if the owner was home.  I went back to the sign and pulled out the flyer.  Yes, it is in my price range.  Well, it can’t hurt to knock on the door and ask about the house.

I timidly walked up the steps.  Maybe they don’t really want to sell it.  Maybe they won’t like me.  Maybe they will take one look at me and send their dog after me.  I lightly knocked on the door with 3 knocks.  No answer.  Okay, they aren’t home.  I’m leaving….well, maybe they didn’t hear me.  I knocked again.  No answer.  I couldn’t just leave it at that.  There has to be someone home.  I sat down on the steps.  What am I doing?  Sitting on the steps of some random house?  I studied the flyer again.  3 bedrooms, 2 bath, large kitchen, new appliances, hardwood floors, patio, fire-pit, 2 living rooms, 7000 square foot.  It didn’t look that big.  The smell of fresh barbecue could definitely be smelled coming from the back.  There is someone here!  I got up quickly and noticed the doorbell.  I rang it.  No answer.  I rang it again.  No answer.  I rang it again.  Then I just held the button in and could hear it echoing inside.  COME TO THE DOOR PEOPLE!  Nothing.  No answer.  Well, what the heck.  If they ain’t home, then I ain’t losing nothing.  If they are home, then I will tell them I want to buy the house and we will all be happy.  Unless they don’t want to sell it.  Then I will go home, none the richer, back to my ho-humity life.

I walked around to the back, through the gate.  Nothing.  I yelled out, “Anyone home?!”  Nothing.  There was the barbecue—lid closed but smoke coming out the sides.  Meat!  I was hungry.  “Hello?!” I called again.  I went over to the BBQ. Lifted the lid. Steaks!  Almost done too with some corn on the cob on the side…Wow.  Not only do they have the cutest house, they know how to eat!  I am staying for dinner!  Oh, wait.  I don’t know these people and so far I haven’t even seen anyone.  Bummer.  The smell of the food kept me from leaving.  I peaked in the back door window and knocked.  I could hear footsteps but no one came to answer.  I knocked again.  And again.  This feels like deja vu.  I knocked and knocked and knocked.  That meat has to be done by now.  They have to come get it sometime right?  I called out again.  Knocking and knocking.  Oh, just let me in!  I like you people.  You have great taste and I am hungry.  How am going to explain that I want to stay for dinner?  I looked at my clothes.  My budgeting-it’s saturday-i didn’t take a shower clothes.  Well, I have a nice smile and I did brush my teeth.  I will just have to use what I got on me.  I knocked again..oh, please, just answer the flippin’ door.  What is wrong with these people?

Finally, I heard people inside talking.  “Are you getting the door?”  “Yeah, honey, I will get it”.  I saw a man coming towards the door and backed up.  Crap.  They are home.  Uh, quick, think of something semi-intelligent.  The door opened.  “Hi.  Can I help you?”  I smiled.  “Yes, I …I…I was passing by and noticed your house was for sale and I knocked on the front door but no one answered so I came to the back door and I really like your house and wow you guys can cook and I love the color and the trees and are you still living here and you aren’t really selling such a sweet place are you?”  The man looked surprised then smiled.  “We are selling and you look like the perfect person to buy it.”  Then he turned around, went back into the house, closing the door behind him.

Are you kidding me?  I looked around, trying to figure out what that meant.  I scratched my nose.  I don’t get it. He just said I was the perfect person to buy it.  Well, I am staying then.  I went back to the door and opened it.  “Hey!  You just said I was the perfect person to buy your house!” I called inside to no one in particular but hoping the man was near enough to hear me.  A dog rounded the corner and came to look at me.  Standing 3 feet away, he started to bark.  I backed up.  No wait.  I don’t know these people but I am hungry and I want to buy the darn house!  “Hi puppy, you are soooo cute.  Now, shut up and tell your master I am here.  Tell him I really love his house and I want to buy it.  Today.  Tell him I am hungry and I want some steak too while you are at it.”  The dog turned around and left.  Hmmm. Must get it from his owner.

I ventured into the house.  “Hello? I really like your house!  I was just talking to someone…Anyone home?”  What am I doing?  I better not get arrested for breaking and entering…the dog came back,  followed by the man, and his wife.  “Oh, hello! Uh…I really like your house (here goes my nervous rambling again), just love the yard and those trees, they are gorgeous, and is that your dog, what a great dog, what’s his name, and wow you…”    “Yes, you can buy the house, and why don’t you stay for dinner too while we talk about it.”  I wanted to ask why they are so weird and don’t answer the door ever and then turn and leave once they do answer but figured it didn’t really matter right now….They wanted to sell me their house and shoot, I get dinner too!