Questions are good. I love people who can ask good questions.  Teacher’s pets were always the ones who were paying enough attention to ask good questions.

Sometimes, though, people ask questions because they don’t trust the person they are with.  “What are we doing?  When are we going to get there?  What happens if this occurs?  What are you going to do at this time?  Did you turn off the coffee pot?  Unplug the iron?  Do you know what time it is?  Is there any way you can hurry up?   Did you call so-and-so already?  What did they say?  Did you put gas in the car?  Did you take back that shirt I bought you?  Why aren’t you wearing it then?” or maybe your questions are more directed at God, “Why did this happen, when is this going to happen, are you going to help me in this, why did so-and-so die so young, what about this, can you fix that, when, why, how, where, etc?”

Now, I don’t believe God is intimidated by our questions but I think when we truly know His heart, and we trust Him, we stop asking so many interrogating, desperate questions.  Or really, when we ask all our questions, we come to the point that we accept His answer no matter what it is.  No matter how He answers, we reply, “Great!  Thanks.”

We will accept His sometimes very ambiguous answers.  “I’m taking care of it.”  “I took care of it”.  “Don’t worry, Trust me”.  “I have this under control”. “It’s going to work out.”  “I know what time it is but my timing is perfect”.  “Relax.”

Relax?  In a time like this?!  I ask you questions and all you answer is “Relax”?  That’s not an answer!

How about all the answers we give people that aren’t really answers.

What will be, will be.  What’s gonna happen, is gonna happen. Let’s just go from here.  When it’s time, it’s time.  I’ll be ready when I’m ready.  When you’re done, you’re done.

God’s answer to the world’s problem of sin was….(drum roll, please)….not a political party, not a feeding program, not an army, not a bunch of nurses, not a bunch of lawyers…His unambiguous answer:  Himself.  Which, if you look at all the drugs, murders, natural disasters, starving children, crazy diseases, crime…really?  No antibiotic?  No packaged, printed, labeled, mass produced, Love Potion #9?  He sent Himself.  In the form of the familiar.  Human-form.  Sometimes, I just want to slurp down 2 tablespoons, and have the answer, the conclusion, the revelation, the right thought, the healing.  All at once.

To your broken heart?  He offers a Relationship.

To your broken body?  A relationship.

To your broken family?  A relationship.

To your broken TV?  A relationship.

To your lack?  A relationship.

To your need?  A relationship.

Now, of course, God can give you money, a job, clothes, food, housing, etc.  But first, He gives Himself.

“God! I need ________!!!  God, I don’t understand __________!!!”

He replies, “Here I AM.”

And we crinkle our noses, tilt our heads to the side, wrinkle our foreheads, scratch our temples and say, “I don’t get it. How does that help me?”

He is the Answer.  The Great I AM is the Answer.  I don’t always get it either.  But somehow, He is.  He is the answer.  He can meet your need but seriously, your real question is only answered by…HIM.