So, this past week, I woke up on my birthday and decided to start out the year by reading the Bible. However, my Bible reading plan at the moment has me in Numbers. And as I woke up, I thought to myself, “No way am I reading Numbers on my birthday.”  I opened the Bible randomly, asking God to give me vision for my next year. I opened up to Acts 3:1-9.

It’s the story of Peter and John going to the Temple Beautiful.  A lame beggar outside the temple asks them for money. They look at him and say, “We ain’t got nothing but Jesus, buddy, so that’s all we can offer.  In the name of Jesus, stand up and walk!”  And the man is healed and goes running through the streets, praising God. (Rhonda Summary)

This coming year, people will be at your feet, asking for things you don’t have, wanting things from you that you can’t give. You are called to share the beauty God has given you already, the healing He has given you, the grace He has given you, the gifts He has given you-to the people who are right in front of you, at your feet, in your lap. God is not asking you to give what you don’t have.  God is asking you to give what you have.  That’s all. Just share it, show it, speak it.

I could travel more, get out more but you know what, I am called here.  My place is here. My investment is here.  My heart is here.  The harvest I want is here. If I wanted a harvest elsewhere, I would sow seeds elsewhere.  But the harvest I want is here so the seeds I will plant will be here.  (Of course there is a time and place to travel and I will, but you know what I mean).