This is a theory that I am not even sure I believe, but as far as I am told, it can’t be disproven really.  So, take it or leave it.  It is what it is.  If this offends you, I am sorry.  It can be deleted if it is completely not helpful to anyone, but it helped me…

A 25 year old dear friend of mine died last week.  I cried for like 4 days straight whenever I would think about him.  Today was the first day I didn’t cry.  Last night, someone said something at a vigil for my friend.  They said something that struck a chord in me and made me turn my head to the side, look up to the sky and say, “Hmmm.  I wonder.  I wonder if that’s what happened”.  I may get to Heaven one day and have God tell me, “Rhonda, you are completely wrong.  He died tragically with much pain, get over it.” or He may say, “Rhonda, you were right on.  That’s exactly what happened”.

My friend was found at the bottom of a body of water after disappearing, without marks on his body, apparently drowned-without a sound or struggle.  He lived a full life, full of vision, purpose, love, joy, and peace.  He was in love with Jesus and that morning had said, “I am on spiritual overload.” (Meaning, he was so full of God, he was feeling like he was about to explode-my interpretation).

Genesis 5:23  Enoch lived 365 years in all.  He enjoyed a close relationship with God throughout his life.  Then suddenly, he disappeared because God took him.

All the other people in Chapter 5 lived at least 700 years.  Except Enoch.  Enoch lived 365.  And then he disappeared because God took him.  He lived all the years God wanted him to live even though it was half of what everyone else was living.  He did all he was suppose to do and then it was his time to go.  I will die someday.  You will die someday.  The goal is not 90 years.  The goal is to please God, love people, and live out the vision for as long as it takes.  Sometimes it only takes 25 years.  Sometimes 50.  Sometimes 90.  Either way, you will have a funeral someday, a celebration of your life.

I have been with people when they breathed their last.  I have been to funerals of children, pastors, elderly, parents of small children, people who have committed suicide.  This is the first person I have ever thought, “I wonder if God just pulled another Enoch”.

It’s possible.  It’s possible I am completely wrong.  But it’s very possible my friend who said it last night is completely right.  And if she is right, then my grief, although justified, could turn into joy.  My friend was alive, and now, he is even more alive. He was on spiritual overload and then he disappeared, because God took him.  The devil didn’t take him.  The water didn’t take him.  God took him.  You can grieve the big black hole that was left in your life by his lack of presence or you can trust unconditionally in the God who knew from the beginning that he would live 25 years and that was enough.

Done.  Complete.  Finished.  He finished the race.  You don’t keep running after you finished the race.  You lay down and rest.  And so it would seem, he did.