This past week I have been realizing what a blessing it is to be alive.  Life is a vapor.  I could die in 5 minutes after posting this.  That isn’t morbid-it’s life.  You are not guaranteed tomorrow.  You are actually expendable.  If you died, the world would go on. I know that sounds terrible and I would be incredibly missed if my liver suddenly shut down and I died.  It would be a very sad funeral and you would cry.  But I am not invincible.  Someday, I will die and hopefully have a funeral.  And the sun will continue to shine, Microsoft will continue to sell, and elections will continue to be won.  Day after day after day.

When that alarm clock goes off in the morning, HOORAY!!! That means God isn’t done with me!  That means I have things to do today!  That means I can leap out of bed, praising God that He gave me another day!!! ANOTHER DAY!!! Do you know how many people died last night?  Tons.  Do you know how many people just died in the past 5 minutes?  Lots.  But not me!! I made it! I made it another second!  Not by my own power, for it’s not my breath that is in me.  It’s God’s.  God could say, in 5 minutes, “Rhonda, you are done.  We are taking you out of the game.  Come on Home, baby” and that would be it.  My eyes would close and would never open again.  I have absolutely nothing to do with my heart continuing to beat.  Sure, I can eat healthy but as for the actual act of beating?  That’s all God.

I am in the middle of reading the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.  He describes in one of his chapters how we act like the world revolves around us but really it revolves around God.  He gives the illustration of the following (Summarized by me):

Imagine you are an extra in the epic action movie of the year.  You have a part in a crowd scene.  For half a second, the back of half your head is seen by the audience (If they happen to be looking in the left hand corner of the screen).  So, what do you do with your “major” role in the movie?  Buy out a theater and tell all your friends and family that you have the lead in the most amazing movie.  Really?  You are the lead?  The main character?  We see half of your head for half a second and you suddenly think the movie is all about you?

God is the center of the universe. Not us.  End of story.

You have been given a gift.  Life.  You are blessed to be alive.  Just because you are gifted, well-abled, intelligent, etc. does not mean at any given moment, your life could be over.  People die unexpectantly everyday. People who are full of life and vision-loved by everyone they know.

You were created for a reason.  Today was given to you for a reason.  Give your life away for the things that actually matter-eternal things.  I am not saying we have to get all serious and clench our jaws and think really hard about making the most of every moment.  Just love people like Jesus did.  Focus on the “Focus” of life.  Get your priorities straight.  Live by faith and please God because God’s not done with you!  Not by a long shot.

The days ahead won’t all be easy.  The days ahead won’t all make sense.  But He is with you for the whole ride!  He wants you to succeed even more than you want to succeed.   He knows the path ahead because He has already been there.  Let Him lead you and be amazed at His faithfulness.  I know you feel like giving up.  You can’t give up now!  Look at how far you have come (Or rather look at how far He has carried you)!  Your life is going to get even better the more you rely on Him.  Trust Him.  You don’t have to have control in every situation.  You don’t have to have all the answers to every problem.  You don’t have to know exactly what the plan is. Just let Him lead.  Allow Him to surprise you with the magnificence of the simple things in life.  Look Him in the eyes and tell Him how much you love Him.  Life will never be same.