I recently read two emails back to back. Both were basically saying the same thing.  However, one used 24 exclamation points (you bet I counted!).  The other used, like, 3 total-though could have used a lot more on the end of sentences that were quite happy.

Guess whose email made me feel happier, excited, interested?  Guess which one made me kind of depressed?

When you are communicating with the written word, it is easy to be misunderstood and to miscommunicate.  I have found that it is better to add exclamation points, smiley faces and LOL’s when wanting the person to understand you are not mad at them, that you do like them, that there is plenty of grace for them, that you are smiling at them.  I love texting and have had to learn this the hard way—after someone asks if I am mad at them.  Mad at you?  No.  Why would you ask that?  Because you didn’t sound happy on text-you sounded irritable/moody/rude.  Dangit.

I have had a wise friend stop me many times as I am discussing how I am going to write an email to apologize to someone (usually at work).  “Rhonda, talk to them in person.  You don’t want them to get the wrong idea.  Too many unnecessary issues can arise with confrontation/apologies/explanations over email.”  It’s true!

Maybe you are more masculine in your approach to the written word and don’t feel the need to add “fluff” to texting/emails so you stick to the bottom line, don’t beat around the bush, and just say what you gotta say without exclamation points, smiley faces, hahaha, LOL.  To you, the extras are a waste.  Why add a bumper to your hard edge?

Because some of us are analytical.  Some of us are trying to read in between the lines.  So, add some love to your emails/texts/twitters/FB status updates…If you aren’t depressed, angry, mad, sad-then act like it, even when typing.  Let your fingers be happy because we can’t see your face 🙂

Exclamation points mean excitement, interest, energy.  They give emphasis to key statements.

Hi. My name is Rhonda.  I enjoy using the period.  I don’t like exclamation points.  Exclamation points make everything too exciting.  Life is not exciting.  Life is boring.  I can’t give the energy it takes to use an exclamation point.  I don’t care how you feel about it.  I will use the period.  Always and forever.

Hi! My name is Rhonda!  I enjoy using exclamation points!  I love them!  Exclamation points make everything more exciting!!!  Life is exciting!  Life is not boring!!! I have lots of energy and that’s why I use the exclamation point! I want people to feel energized after encountering me! Not down, depressed, hopeless, and bored-no way!!!  I want you to use exclamation points too!!! Always and Forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides, females have enough periods in their lives.  Use the Exclamation Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!