Sometimes I wonder if Muscles have memory.

Today, I asked my Muscles if they wanted to go do Crossfit again like they did 2 weeks ago.

***(Crossfit is an intense workout program)

My Muscles started screaming obscenities at me. WOW. Apparently, they do have memory!

“Hey, Muscles, you wanna go do some Crossfit again?”

“&*&*^—%&*(*()!#@@%#%* beep beep beep! Are you kidding me?! Tell me you are joking.  Spend time on a Saturday getting beat up, broken down, and disciplined?  Oh heck no!  It’s enough that we did it once.  We bought the t-shirt, made a few friends, and bought lunch.  Do it again?  WHY?  Let’s just do what we always do.  Go to the gym.  Run on the little treadmill.  Work up a tiny sweat.  Go home happy.  None of this “Oh, let’s barely move for the next 5 days”.

“Oh come on!  It will be fun!  There will be lots of other muscles working out.”

“Fun?  If that’s fun, you have warped sense of humor.  If that’s fun, then Ted Bundy was just the boy next door.  If that’s fun, then McDonald’s hamburgers are real beef.  If that’s fun, then chamomile tea is the next double shot Caramel Macchiatto. If that’s fun, then why did we hurt so bad afterwards?!”

“Well, let’s ask Heart if he wants to go.”

“Heart?  Don’t ask him.  He always wants to do crazy things and then we pay the price.  Don’t ask Eyes or Mouth or Ears either.  They all had a fine time.  We could ask Stomach though.  No, wait.  Hold the phone and stop the bus.  Last time, when we went to Crossfit, Stomach wasn’t that happy while we were there BUT afterwards, after eating Dick’s hamburgers and Frozen Custard, Stomach was the happiest guy on the block and wouldn’t stop telling everyone how it was the best day ever.  Don’t ask Stomach.  He’ll think it’ll be a blast.”

“That’s enough, Soldier.  Unfortunately for you, you aren’t in charge.  Brain is.  And Brain does what’s best for everyone.  He’s a big picture, bottom line kind of guy and that’s why I like him.”

“Whatever.  Whatever.  But next time someone asks if Muscles have memory, I don’t want to hear anyone saying we don’t.  Because we do.  We remember everything.  Especially Crossfit.”