I’m young (compared to many) so I understand the need for speed.  I understand wanting to get places on time.  I understand speeding down the freeway, wanting to take the Express Lane at the grocery story, wanting Grandma to move faster.  I understand foot tapping, yelling at people to “Hurry Up!” and a general lack of patience for slowness.  I understand wanting to get things done, moving onto the next thing, always looking ahead, moving ahead, moving forward, moving in general.  I understand not wanting to waste time.  I understand that time is of the essence.  I understand that we only have 24 hours in the day and we don’t live forever. I’ve gone a 100mph down the interstate.  I understand “hurry”, “Just make up your mind!”, “Are you ready yet?”, “What are you waiting for? Christmas?”, “It’s on the right! The gas pedal is on the right!  You push it to make your car go faster dangit!”.  I like to be places on time or early actually.  I like being early because I like to ease into situations, ease into crowds so I don’t get introverted, overwhelmed and want to run away.  So, I hurry, making up time on the road.  Christmas day is the worst as well waiting for everyone to finally get out to the tree to open all those presents.  Slow restaurants?  Really? I’m starving!  How long can it take to make a salad?  Honestly!


The Bible says that Patience is evidence of having the Holy Spirit active in your life.  (Galatians 5)

James 1:2-4  My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces PATIENCE, but let PATIENCE have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

That’s interesting.  The only way you become perfect, complete and lacking nothing is if you LET patience into your life.  You can speed, you can tap your foot, you can yell but honestly, you are shutting out the opportunity to become whole.

I will offer another viewpoint as well.

I grew up in a home/family where there are many handicapped (physically) people.  My dad is in a wheelchair and I remember, before we got our wheelchair van, having to get my dad into the car, then fold up that huge wheel chair and lift it into the trunk, shut the trunk, get in the car.  We’re talking an extra 10 minutes to any trip.  It’s a breaking down of pride, impatience, and selfishness when you are constantly helping someone much slower than yourself.  It could be any of us. Seriously.  Break a leg and see how often you are tapping your foot (well, your other foot) trying to get other people to hurry up?  You realize quickly that you are the “inconvenience” and you pray people have grace on you.

GRACE!  Have some grace!  So everyone isn’t as fast, “smart”, or as on top of things like you.  LET patience have it’s work in your life.  Slow down.  It’s possible that car in the fast lane is going slow because it sees a cop that you aren’t seeing and it’s actually saving you a speeding ticket.  Or maybe there is a car up ahead that would have hit you had you been further along but that “slow” car is driven by an Angel who is trying to keep you from an accident…Ok, maybe not.  You can speed.  Go ahead.  You can yell.  You can shake your fist.  Go ahead.  But from someone who realizes just how silly we look when we are hurrying everywhere, trying to get everything done, trying to be a superhero, trampling over people who deserve some time-I’m just saying slow down.  Slow way down.  The planet isn’t going to collapse if you are 5 minutes late.