This is a new post. I haven’t posted in a long time (well, long for me) so I thought I would post.  Post. Post. Post.

If you look long enough at the word Post, you start to wonder if that’s really how you spell Post.




I went and got posted last night.

It was so dark in my room, I tripped and injured my post.

I work with this girl who is such a post.

Your mom is a post.

My computer is so old. I need to give it to the post.

Love is like a post.

That man’s hair looks just like my old post.

Your mom’s so poor, she can’t even pay for a post.

Your nose reminds me of a post.

A post fell in the backyard last night, right on my mom’s prized posts.

I hate posts. I think it’s the texture or something.  I just can’t swallow them. Yuck.

My 4-year-old niece won a post last night.  Who knew someone in my family would be the owner of a post?

My teacher must ride a post to school cuz she is so mean!

My face broke out in posts last night so I am not going to prom.

The doctor said I have post.  It’s contagious and I have to take antibiotics for 6 months.

I like posting. Posting is my favorite.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a post for everyone I know.

If my dad says one more time that my car is a piece of post, I am going to scream.

The ‘post pile in the back is sssmmmmelllly!

I read that book too but I didn’t think it was as good as a post.

My boss is such a post, she made me work overtime.

I ran the 10K in under 60 posts.

My right toe has been looking like a post lately.

This post looks ripe, I think I will eat it.

The mission statement of that company is as lame as a post.

I’ve been on so many posts it’s not even funny.

My post sunk last night. So sad.

My post came in 3rd place in the semi-finals.  We might just win this year.

Oh, go get your own post.

I have writer’s post right now and have absolutely nothing to say. Well, nothing worth posting.