• Any person who deserts a child in any manner with the intent to abandon is guilty of the crime of family abandonment, which is a class C felony and punishable by up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine under chapter 9A.20 under the Revised Code of Washington. If there is probable cause to believe that a child is abused or neglected and that the child would be injured or could not be taken into custody if it were necessary to first obtain a court order (pursuant to RCW 13.34.050), an officer of the peace reserves the right to arrest without a warrant, under Revised Code of Washington 26.44.050.

    A child considered to be abandoned is placed in the care of Washington Child Protective Services.

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I have been abandoned, neglected, and deserted to fend for myself.  I have been given everything but true love by him.  I stay indoors and watch more movies.  I blame the depression in the people around me on him.  He doesn’t consider anyone but himself.  He doesn’t come around enough to even know my name anymore. The selfish son of a gun.  He has another family.  He has others he spends time with in California and Florida.

“IT’S NOT FAIR!” I want to scream at him when I see him coming back.  Instead,  I squint and stare, surprised once more than he decided to come back.

“I LOVE YOU, I love you, I love you and I don’t want to live another day without you!  You are the most amazing thing I’ve ever encountered.” is what I actually end up telling him.  I start sweating and getting restless when I look into his eyes.  I just want to run away with him, hold him forever and never let him go. It’s this friendly reaction that probably keeps him from truly understanding what his absence does to me.

Our earlier years together were good years.  Eastern Washington did us good.  We spent time together, got to know each other.  He knew me and I knew him.  I thought he was committed.  I thought he would never leave me.

Then we moved.  It was July.  We were fine for a few months.  Then in October of that year.  He left.  He left me without a word.  I didn’t know he was unhappy.  I had no idea he hated Seattle.  Sure, he had mentioned it once or twice before we moved there that he didn’t want to move  but ultimately he agreed to go.  When he left, I thought it would be temporary.  I thought we could work out our differences.  I sought counseling without him, thinking that if I could change the things wrong with me, change the things that drove him away, he would just come back.

Well, he does come around every now and then. He does.  Plays with the kids, hugs me and smiles like everything is fine.

But in the morning…he’s gone…again.  And I cry.  I cry because I was suckered by his charm again.  I fell for him all over again.  I can’t forget about him.  I just can’t.

I want a monthly support check.  I want my vitamin D back.  I want all my sunglasses back that I lost because I didn’t use them often enough.  I want my life back, dagnabbit!

And so I want to charge the SUN with family abandonment, neglect, with the willful intention to harm. He is full of criminal malice and I want him to pay.  I want him to pay for what he’s done to us.

Of course, if I see him, I will act like I always do.

I will run up to him, jump into his arms and tell him how much I love him.

I just can’t help it.