I remember as a kid, riding with my dad and sister to the bank.  We would drive over to the drive thru lanes.  5 lanes full of cars.  Then one of us would say which line we thought would be the fastest.  Then someone else would say their choice.  Usually by this time, one of those lanes would inch forward, so my dad would choose the lane that seemed to be moving at that moment, in hopes that we would soon be done with our business and on with our lives.

Many times, the lane that edged forward in the beginning would end up being the slow lane.  The person in front of us had 10 transactions, a recalled loan and a new savings account they wanted to open in the name of their 3 year old son.  We would wait.  And wait.  And wait.  I would smugly watch the lane that I picked slowly empty, knowing that if my dad had listened to me and not my sister, we would have been home by now.

Costco lines are no different.  Long lines full of huge, overflowing carts.  You’d think it was the day after Thanksgiving.  Nope.  Just another normal day at Costco.  Everyone picks the lane that seems the shortest, with the carts with the lightest loads.  And then we watch enviously at that lane at the far end, where the cashier is Speedy Gonzalez.  I always pick the lane full of grandmas (No offense if you are a grandma—but you do have a reputation for being kind of slow-we love you anyway).

I always feel dumb when I pick the slow lane at Costco and the Bank.  I always feel like everyone is gloating as they ease on up to the teller and the cashier.   They laugh and shout, “We picked the right lane, you picked the slow lane, you are so dumb, you are so dumb, dumb, dumb” and then they dance out the door waving their receipt in the air as I check Facebook for the millionth time on my phone and try not to fall asleep.

Waiting feels dumb.  Waiting in a long line makes me feel like everyone else was smart enough to know when to come.

Take the Girls’ Bathroom Lines.  We all have to wait FOREVER while the boys go in, come out, with a smirk that says, “HAHA too bad you can’t pee standing up!  We are so much smarter because we know the best way to get things done”.

Like I had any choice in the matter.  I’ve tried to pee standing up.  It actually slowed my day way down (cleaning up any mess will slow your day way down).

Waiting feels dumb.  It feels like you are behind.  It feels like other people know things you don’t.  It can feel hopeless.  It can make you feel inadequate.  It can make you feel like you are missing out on LIFE!

Waiting is not dumb.  Waiting, I will suggest, builds character.  Waiting builds patience.  Waiting builds confidence.  Waiting is not a sign you are slow, behind, or dumb.  Waiting is just part of life.

You could almost stretch this to say that Girls, because they have to wait so much more for the bathroom than Boys, have more opportunities to build character, patience, and confidence.  Ok, so that is quite a stretch.

It’s late.  I need to go to bed.

I just felt the need to say that…

Waiting is NOT DUMB.  You are not dumb.  God is not dumb.  Nobody is dumb.

Good Night.