I have half-heartedly written a half dozen half blog posts in the past month.  None of them made it to Real Rhonda except the last one which I’m still not that thrilled about and may delete.

But I have nothing to say.  I have some half revelations, some sparks of some point that have some potential.  Potential is great but it’s like eating a vegetarian meal. If I’m going to sit down and eat a meal, I’d like some meat.  Potential is a vegetarian buffet begging for beef-it’s a nice spread, nice to look at but no real substance available yet, nothing sustainable for long is on the table.  I don’t even know if that makes any sense whatsoever and I’m not trying to birth a revelation right here in front of you.  I have no new revelation.  I’ve been busy.  Too busy to sit down and birth a revelation (or maybe I’m still subconsciously still processing my last revelation and the revelation ‘bank’ is so full, no new revelations can come in and set up camp).  But when you sit down and think about it, is a revelation something you birth or is it something that Someone else births and you are just the catcher of the bundle of “joy”?  Or is revelation the cream that rises to the top of your subconscious that can then be skimmed off and used to fatten yourself up?  But I don’t know that I am that smart.  New revelations, new thoughts, new ideas just might be God’s grace to keep me from getting stuck in a dull, lifeless wilderness of random thought-tumbleweeds blowing around in the hot sun.

Some “revelations” perhaps should never be birthed and that should be part of the revelation. If you have no revelation, no true substance to your buffet, no strength in your point, no full grown baby to birth,  perhaps then you should just keep your mouth shut.  And then there are some revelations that truly are great but not for the general public…

And does this post even need to be published?  Does the universe need one more post? Perhaps not… 🙂