Once upon a time, I was on the bus.

Maybe I should back up and provide you with some context.

I drive a car which means I need a good mechanic who is trustworthy.  In the previous city I lived in, I had a great mechanic. However, I would sometimes go elsewhere for auto care when he was busy.  I learned quickly that all mechanics are not created equal.  Sure, all men and women are equal but not mechanics.  Red, Yellow, Black and White they are precious in His sight but not all mechanics are created equal.  So, I had a bad experience with a bad mechanic-a bad mechanic at the Toyota dealership.  They told me I had no problems with my catalytic converter and charged me for replacement of my perfectly good timing belt-and those babies ain’t cheap (no baby is).  My catalytic converter was 90% clogged…I lived and learned…Then I moved…Which means, find a new everything.

So, once upon a time, I was on the bus.  A guy sat down next to me.  I smiled and we started talking.  His name was Dan. I would see him many times on that bus and almost every time, we would greet each other and talk about deep matters.

Once though, I asked him where he took his car for maintenance.  And he told me.

East Urban Auto Repair.  He told me Jeri Lucas would treat me right.

The guy on the bus got married and I never saw him again.

But I started going to East Urban Auto in Kirkland.  I started and I haven’t stopped.  Even after I moved 30 minutes away, I kept going.

Today, I went there.

I told them I moved.

Jason, Jeri’s son, who is also superb responded, “You are my new favorite customer, though you were already near the top! Thanks for continuing to come to us.”

I wonder if favorite customers get discounts…Actually, I might just pay him double next time just because I love them so much.


And what is the moral of this story?

Talk to guys on the bus?

Not all mechanics are equal?

You can trust some people, you really can?

Kirkland has better mechanics than Burien?

Life is short?

Starbucks has really good coffee?

You too can have everything you ever wanted?

You should eat Chinese food more often?

None of the above.  The moral of the story is:

Jesus loves me a lot.  THAT is the moral of my wonderful story about how I found East Urban Auto Repair.