Dear Burglars,

My name is Rhonda. You invaded my home yesterday. I would have rather you took the TV than my laptop. Thank you for not burning down the house or knifing the couches. Thank you for not taking my clothes, my iPod, my files, my journal, or my Bible. But that is enough thank you’s from me.

You are not welcomed back on this property. You are not allowed on the porch.

I will tell you where you are allowed. You are allowed to go to jail. You are allowed to go to my church. You are allowed to go to drug rehab. You are allowed in my clinic. You are allowed to go to Heaven. You are allowed to get your life straightened out. You are allowed to go to the pawn shop and when they run the serial numbers on my laptop, I will be notified. You are allowed to go to your mom’s house for Christmas.

You are allowed to stop believing the devil. He is a liar and he has lied to you. He steals-it’s who he is but that doesn’t have to be who you are.

I believe you can change. I believe you can have a fresh start. You are probably young and on drugs, you can start over! It’s not too late.

But just remember, Jesus is…watching you.