I flew recently, high above the earth with a very capable, responsible, fine airline in a fine aircraft.

On any flight over 5 hours, there comes that moment when you just want off.  You are tired of reading, tired of listening to everything, tired of your seat mates, tired of sitting, tired of sleeping, tired of movies, music, books, flight attendants, tired of little tiny  bathrooms, tired of water, tired of ginger ale, tired of peanuts/cookies/pretzels, tired of turbulence, runways, that stuffy, congested feeling in your head, tired of your body, tired of your life.  You just want to get up and start running up and down the 2 foot wide aisle, yelling, “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!” or at least give a long low loud grunt of agitation.

This past flight I took from Detroit to Seattle was especially torturous because I couldn’t sleep, was in the middle seat between strangers, no books, no movies, nothing.  Just pure boredom for 5 1/2 hours.  I did however, have one thing.  One thing that saved my sanity.

I had an iPod (whose movies had been strangely erased and the music not updated). And what did I listen to that saved me?

5 Podcasts by Pastor Judah Smith.

Some of my favorites happened to be on the iPod:  Pour it out, Drinks at a Party, Jesus is the All-Powerful One, Embrace Grace: When grace hugs you, and God is Greater than our Feelings.  And I listened to them—all in a row, following along in my Bible.

Next time you are being tempted to act like a 2-year-old, as you chomp on a lunch of peanuts, pull out a pod cast and just wait.


Your deliverance is coming! Your salvation is near! Hold on tight! The turbulence won’t last forever.  The stuffy congested feeling will dissipate.  You can do this.  You can control yourself.  You can be patient.  The end of waiting is near.  You don’t get out of line when you are next so…hold on, baby, hold on. Every other line you have been in, has gotten shorter and you eventually got to the front.  You have been in a lot of waiting rooms, in a lot of long lines, in a lot of “holding patterns”.  You have had to wait at restaurants, doctors offices, dentist offices, lines at the grocery store, lines on Black Friday, lines for Nordstrom, Walmart, Jiffy Lube, Disney Land, airports, mechanics, bathrooms, movie theaters, book signings, museums, Thanksgiving dinner line, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.

Are you still in any of those lines?   Was it really that long in light of eternity?  You waited overnight at Best Buy for Black Friday specials or for 5 hours to see Star Wars back in 2001—at the time it seemed like a long time but are you still worrying about that line?  No.  You made it through.  You came out alright.

So, don’t you worry.  This line, this waiting, will also end.  This will soon all be a far off memory, that you will soon forget.  So just hold on, hold on.  You will be fine.