Someday I will look back on 2012.  Someday I will probably be able to define what this year has been in one word or less.  (The “less” would probably be a grunt).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a good year and it’s not even over! I am still expecting more miracles in the next 37 days (And I have seen plenty already this year). Anything can happen!  The older you get, the more you realize that life can turn on a dime.  One day you are on top of the world with only a knapsack of worries and the next day you are bent over, carrying a piano on your back. Or one day you are weighed down and the next day, you are flying high wondering why you ever started digging a hole to die in.

BUT I know what I want 2013 to be!

2013.  On December 31, 2013, I want to be looking back on 2013 as a year of laughter.  No, not just any laughter.  I mean the doubled over, laughing til tears are rolling down your face and your stomach hurts so bad.  Laughing and laughing and laughing.  Laughing at something so funny that even the mention of it the next day will bring back a flow of the giggles.

A year where I expected miracles, expected to be surprised with the goodness of God, expected joy, expected provision, expected answers.

Now, let me first explain something.  I am not expecting to win the lottery, not expecting it to stop raining in Seattle, not expecting all my patients to suddenly have no problems, not expecting to never have to go to the gym, not expecting to never disagree with anyone, not expecting the U.S. to suddenly be full of good drivers. That would be Heaven, my friends.

Instead, I am expecting to find joy in the everyday circumstances, to choose to see positives, to choose to bring life to the party even if sitting at a table for 1.

At least once a week, I want to double over with laughter and get the giggles the rest of the days.  Although, not at the expense of compassion and taking time for people-whether they are crying tears of sadness or tears of joy. Which brings me to one other thing I want to do more of as well in 2013.

LISTEN. I want to listen better!  Listen to people’s names, people’s feelings, people’s lives. Listen to God, morning, day, and night. Listen to my faith-filled heart more, and my anxiety/insecurity/fear less.

And with God’s help, 2013 will be our best year yet!