Today, I rode the bus (as usual) home from work.  It was a very long day and the bus was quite late. Just late. 30 minutes.  That’s all. A middle-age white man got on the bus, complaining how late the bus was, loudly using obscenities, said the bus driver needs to tell her supervisor about his complaint.

If I had been his mother, I would have told him in a few different ways (while over my knee), how unacceptable his behavior was. I would have taught him we don’t speak to hard-working, tired, underpaid public servants like that-or anyone else for that matter.

But I am not his mother; I am just another young arrogant know-it-all who doesn’t know anything at all.

So here is my letter (after I have had time to ponder the situation) to that Ungrateful Son of a Gun (USOAG) that I wish I could send him but alas, I don’t remember at all what he looked like.


I believe today you forgot something (besides your manners) while boarding the bus in Downtown Seattle. I don’t know where you get your sense of entitlement (ok, our culture bestowed it on you) but I would like to offer you a different perspective.  Maybe you have grown accustomed to being catered to.  Let me remind you what could be.

Have you ever been on the bus when someone’s dog took the biggest dump in the back and everyone wanted to gag? Today, the bus smelled quite fine.

Have you ever been on the bus when it caught on fire and everyone had to evacuate on the side of a hill?  Today, we didn’t have a fire.

Have you ever been on the bus in the snow when it took 5 hours to get you home?  And you were sitting next to 2 drunk guys who kept saying they needed to urinate?  Today, we barely even had rain.

Have you ever been on the bus and sat next to the craziest guy in the world, who really liked you, but said some quite inappropriate things but you knew if you moved, he would only talk to someone else and you were actually controlling him quite well so you stayed seated?  Yeah, no nuts today.

Have you ever been on the bus when someone refuses to shut their window to the cold night air because they are hot?  All the windows were nicely shut today.

Have you ever had to stand (because the bus was so full), with your nose in someone’s armpit, holding 2 bags, trying not to fall into anyone?  You got a seat today right?

Have you been on the bus when it got a flat tire?  Today, we had great tires.

Have you been on the bus when it accidentally hit someone and they fell over unconscious, bleeding? How about when someone is throwing up?  How about when a woman is terrorizing her son by yelling at him? How about when someone is loudly talking on the phone?  None of those things happened on your bus ride home today.

Today, you were privileged to ride the bus.  Today, you paid practically nothing to have someone drive you home. Safely.

Our bus system is not the best-and why? Because they don’t have any money.

I propose this: We send you to Sudan for a month, or Cambodia, or China, or Haiti.  OR how about we give the bus drivers 30 days paid leave and you can walk your sorry obese butt everywhere-or get a bike-or pay for a taxi-or drive a car.

If none of the reasons above give you a different perspective on your only 30 minute late bus, let me offer you this.

You could be dead.  Honestly, you could be 6 feet under, with maggots all up in your business.  But you got the gift of life today!  You are flipping alive! Do you not understand?  Today, a 35-year-old mom of 2 died of cancer, leaving behind her husband to raise them.  How dare you take this gift of life for granted! So many were not given that gift but you were.

And you waste it by complaining! Shame on you.

P.S. You want to know why the bus was late?  Because she had to pick up 7 different handicapped people with wheelchairs-which means letting the lift down, getting the person on the bus, strapping them in. Your 2 walking legs need to sit down and shut up for awhile.