What defines UGLY?

(No, I am not talking about how you look at all-99% of people out there you could dress up in some designer clothes, slap on some makeup, give them an award-winning smile, tell everyone they are famous bajillionaires and the world will worship them)

UGLY is:

Stingy, rude, snobby, impatient, angry, anxious, fearful, manipulating, crass, complaining, overly critical, mean, selfish, jealous, controlling, greedy, egotistical, lying, cheating, bitter, offensive, back-biting, gossiping, grumpy, lazy.


Generous, kind, sweet, caring, thoughtful, faithful, loyal, unselfish, free, considerate, truthful, tactful, calm, confident, believing the best about others, hard-working, giving.

We have ALL displayed openly, at one time, UGLY. Ugly attitudes, ugly words, ugly actions.


The World doesn’t need any more UGLY. We have enough uglies. We have enough people who are angry, rude, selfish and fearful. ENOUGH. The position has been filled. Quota met.

“Excuse me, ma’am. I saw an ad in the newspaper that you were hiring. I am wanting to turn in an application and my resume. I believe I would be perfect for the job.”

“Ok. Now, which position is it that you are interested in?”

“The Ugly One, Miss. I have all the qualifications. I hate my life and everyone around me.”

“Oh, I am sorry Sir. The position has been filled. We have actually received too many applications and resumes. Apparently, lots of people have experience in this area. We had no idea just how many. You see all those boxes piled against the wall over there? Those are full of resumes from people all over the world who want to be paid to be ugly-actually all are way over-qualified. Our goal was to hire a few people to be ugly all the time in order to sharpen the skills of the Beautiful people we have hired to populate the earth and make it a better place to live. We usually only hire Beautiful people but the beautiful people were getting lazy in being beautiful so we thought we would show them some truly ugly people to get them to snap out of it. BUT we got loads and loads of emails, faxes, letters, packages from people all over the world wanting to be UGLY. Some of the boxes are filled with their attempts to show us just how UGLY they are in hopes that we would want to hire them for the position. We only needed 3 people for the UGLY position. Just 3. We got 8,903, 837,342,784,143, 394, 987,321,093, 389,637, 837, 001 resumes. That’s actually more resumes than people on the earth I believe. Which means, a lot of people sent in a bunch of resumes. I don’t quite understand.”

“Oh. Bummer. Ok. Well, fine.”

“We do still have openings for Beautiful people!”

“Uh, I have very limited experience in that area.”

“We can teach you! We give on the job training for everyone who wants to be Beautiful. It’s not easy but it is possible.”

“No thanks. I know my skill set. I gotta stick to that. It comes naturally to me. Everyone says I am gifted. I don’t want to lose my edge, my corner on the market, if you know what I mean.”

This week, I have come across some of the most generous people. People who gave me Christmas presents and I didn’t get them anything. A homeless guy bought me cookies with a sticky note saying “Thank you and Merry Christmas”. A co-worker brought back to life my dying plant. Another friend gave a huge bag full of brand new scarves and hats. I have another friend who buys me breakfast every week. My roommate does the dishes without keeping track of the last time I did them-all the dishes in the sink could be mine and she just does them.

(Sometimes I count to see which of us has more dishes in the sink to see if I should wash them-ok, like that has only happened a few times).

Everywhere I turn, generous and encouraging people–not keeping track of the last time I did something nice. My mom sends me letters and packages in the mail (she just lives 2 hours away and I have been out of the house for years). It’s not like I am a poor starving college student. I’m doing fine and yet, she still takes the time to send a note.

People constantly saying “No worries, I got this”, “I got your back” ,”Have a good time, I will take care of this”.

Where do these people come from?! All ethnicities, all religions, all very diverse—and yet, so willing to give.

Don’t try and fill the UGLY position. They already hired the 3 they needed. Don’t do a job for free that others are getting paid to do.

Be beautiful. Work on your experience in that area. Build your resume with doing beautiful jobs in a beautiful way. Don’t get lazy now.

We need you to just be your beautiful self.

(P.S. The reason we all default to ugly is because of our fallen, sinful nature. Now, whether you know Jesus or not, you can fake a lot of beauty. But the truth is, without Jesus, we all just po’ and ugly. But He can give a new nature! He can give a reason to sing, to dance, to live freely. He is amazing at how he can change someone from the inside out. I’ve seen it! I’ve seen people who are so rude and mean be transformed to be loving and caring without anything else changing in their lives -social status stayed the same, job stayed the same, money stayed the same, family stayed the same and yet, through a process, became completely different after meeting Jesus. Friends, the Bible isn’t just some old historical irrelevant book (which happens to be the #1 best seller in the world), but it contains the secret ingredient to living a fulfilling life-I said “fulfilling”, NOT “easy”. Jesus is the answer!)

“Our biggest challenge isn’t our discipline, our devotion or our focus. Our biggest challenge is believing the Gospel”-Judah Smith

The magnitude of God’s love for us really is scandalous!