We have all been flakey.  We all been those who said we would show up, be responsible, be apart and for whatever reason, found other things to do and became flakey biscuit heads.  We all have busy lives and thus sometimes we find other priorities that we had forgotten about that have to be done right now instead.

We also live in an age of “whatever feels good, do” which translates to “if it’s convenient, if it fits my schedule, if I am in the mood, if I happen to have an extra 5 minutes” then I will do what I committed to do.  And if I do not feel good, if I find something more fun, then peace out, I’m ain’t gonna make it.

I really do believe we have good intentions-we want to do everything to make everyone happy. But sometimes things just happen and get in the way.

I would rather be the type of person who says “No, I can’t help you” and then on the day of, on moving day, on the birthday, on paint day, on yard sale day, on car-wash day, on chore day, on laundry day, on Sunday at church, show up and say “Actually, I am here to help you!” Instead of “Yes, I will be there” and then on the day of, 5 minutes before the start, text and say “Sorry, not gonna make it”.

Let’s be people above reproach. Let’s lead generous lives! Let’s do what we say we are going to do.

I’ve been going to a particular place for 5 years now (The City Church), showing up regularly, doing whatever I am asked.  Am I always at every single service? No.  Am I always full of joy? No. Do I have a plethora of talent and ability?  Nope.  Am I sometimes gone on vacation for a few weekends?  Yes.  But I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked, “Are you a pastor?  Are you an intern?  Do you get paid to be here?”  I’m always surprised when people ask me that-because the truth is, I’m no different than anyone else except that from Day 1 of stepping through the door of the City Church, I decided I would show up, I would serve and that I had no where else I wanted to be.

I don’t have all the talents, all the time, all the answers–but you grow by showing up, you get responsibility by proving yourself faithful, by being trustworthy.

I remember being new at church, I remember having to introduce myself over and over.  I remember never knowing where to sit, I remember the anxiety and nervousness.  I remember not knowing people, not knowing where the bathroom was, not knowing the service schedule-not knowing who was who.

I kept coming.  I kept showing up.  I kept telling people my name, “if you need anything, please ask me”, year after year.  And you know what, they started to trust me.  They started to take me up on that offer, they started to give me responsibility.  And now it’s home! And now, I walk in and people know my name.  I walk in and am told “Hey! You are in charge of this or that! Oh, you didn’t even know? Well, you’ll do great because you just have to be you!” And it’s awesome.  I have found a field to sow in and from that, harvest happens.  Faithful sowing brings a sure harvest, maybe not this week or next year, but a harvest will come.  You be you! You bringing you to the table is all they need.  Over and over and over.

Mother Teresa started serving the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.  Day in and day out.  The most unglamorous of tasks, she did.  She grew and moved to a place of influence and yet, she still scrubbed floors, she still scrubbed maggots off of people, she still pulled dirty dying people out of ditches, year after year.  But her influence grew! From serving the poorest of the poor, people with no connections, no influence, not a penny to their name, she became world renown, she got honorary doctorates, she won the Nobel Peace Prize, she gave counsel to presidents and dignitaries.  She opened homes for AIDS patients in the 80s in New York and San Francisco when everyone else was running away.  She kept being faithful to the vision, faithful to the house, doing things whether she wanted to or not at the moment.  She kept going.  It wasn’t glamourous, it was hard freakin’ work. And yet, we all know who she was! The world knows about Mother Teresa.  Was she trying to make a name?  Not that I know of.  Was she trying to win the Nobel Peace Prize?  Not that I know of.

There is not a need for you to crawl your way up the ladder. There is no need for you to try and make a name for yourself. There is no need for you to put yourself on display.  There IS a need for you to be faithful, for you to keep showing up, offering yourself.  There IS a need for responsible, trustworthy people.  You are needed.  You are wanted.

So dig in, get planted, whatever field you find yourself in, get connected, let people know you.  Let people see you are trustworthy and faithful.

Let’s not be flakey biscuit-heads.  Let’s prove our love, our respect and our honor by going above and beyond what is required of us!