Ever get annoyed, irritated, frustrated, and just had enough?

Ever been around that one person who pushes every single button?

Ever talked to other drivers (who can’t hear you) trying to help them drive better?

I had a revelation recently.  Annoying people don’t need to change.  Annoying drivers don’t need to change.  Annoying circumstances don’t need to change.

(Many people don’t find those people/drivers/circumstances annoying actually.  Many people enjoy life just fine with all those things happening to them.)

So, what do they know that I don’t know? Why are they enjoying peace when I am getting frustrated?

Irritating, annoying, frustrating things/people don’t need to change. You need to grow in GRACE.  You need to grow- in peace, in joy.

This is your opportunity to see what/who you really are and find the path of growth.

I love being an easy going driver (when I am not in a hurry) and watching cars dart in and out of traffic.  You can tell they are frustrated by all the traffic.  I love to pull up beside them, as we all come to a halt at the same red light.  Despite all their energy and effort, all their anger and frustration, we all got to sit at the same red light.  They yell at the light and I smile.  Because I’m better?  No way.  I smile because I was like them yesterday.  Frustrated, angry and annoyed.  And yet we all got to the same place.  Peace is such a better choice, friends!

I remember when Joel Osteen’s smile use to drive me nuts.  I would wonder why that guy was so darn happy all the time. I couldn’t stand his voice.  Then I talked to a friend who would listen/watch every podcast because he IS so positive.  She found his positivity exactly what her negativity needed.  So, wanting to change my negativity around as well, I started watching him. I started listening to the words he was saying.  He IS amazing!  That man has had frustrations, set backs, questions but he interprets life circumstances differently-his filter is faith.  He just likes to smile (and that’s better than the alternative!) and I love it. I don’t know how it really happened but in the last 8 months, I have come to absolutely LOVE Joel Osteen.  I don’t miss a podcast.  I love his faith, his smile, his voice, his dedication to build the kingdom of God, his faithful spirit.  I find him inspiring.  How did it happen? I allowed myself to change, to let him in, to grow in grace, to expand my thinking.  I pray even more blessing on him and his church.  I hope they continue to grow, to expand, to attract more people.  Did Joel Osteen change in the past 8 months? Nope.  I did.  I grew up/out.

You have room to grow. And you have permission to grow (if that’s what you need).  You have everything you need to live a big life when you have Jesus.

It’s time to expand and enlarge.  Your questions, your frustrations, your annoyances, your anger, your stress/anxiety is keeping you small.  It’s keeping you boxed in, limited, claustrophobic.  Are you tired, worn out, and perplexed? It’s time to give up and grow.

That person who you find annoying came from a family (who is probably just like them), came from a past (that probably has some pain and brokeness.)  They have probably overcome great obstacles to get to where they are…You don’t know what they have been through.  You don’t know if they came from violent parents, sexual abuse from a cousin, flunked out of school. You don’t know what insecurities, fears, lies they live with.  More than likely they are well aware they are deficient in certain areas-they know they are shy, timid, fearful–they know if they have big ears, skinny legs, different laugh.

It’s time to grow, to allow others to grow.  Life is too short and this planet too full of trouble to not live life to the fullest, to not grow!  It’s time to smile more, to embrace the frustrating, the annoying, the irritating.  Embrace it, baby, embrace it!