You know that feeling when you are playing Monopoly and you have some okay properties but you are on the line between despair and mediocrity?  Just going around and around, losing a little, gaining a little but nothing changes all that much…Get $200 at Go, give it to the person with the houses on New York Ave, gain $25 when someone lands on your Reading Railroad…

And then you have the opportunity to have both Park Place and Boardwalk-and although it’s gonna take all your money (and you aren’t sure Virginia, St. Charles, and State can actually keep you alive) you do it.  You give everything you have for Park Place and Boardwalk and 2 hotels.

You hold your breath, really hoping you don’t land on Marvin Gardens and that expensive hotel (that wiped you out the last time around the board).  You count how many spaces everyone has to land on your properties.  You really are living on the edge.  You land on some free spots and you are ok…just waiting…to see if you are about to die with no money.

And then it happens.  Against all odds, the richest person lands on your Boardwalk and gives you $2000! (Yes, this is all from memories of summer breaks, eating pizza and playing Monopoly with my dad and sister…you’ve never seen such a greasy board)

You did it!  You took a risk and wowzers, you are back in the game.  Poker faces are really hard to come by in times like these.  Hooray! That risk paid off and you are alive again.

(I’m not talking about illegal risks here!)

Sometimes when life gets too predictable, maybe it’s time to take a risk.  Maybe it’s time to step out and do something new.  Maybe it’s time to learn a new skill, get over a fear, write that letter or read that book (or write that book!).  Maybe you have been putting something off, something you are suppose to be doing, could be doing, want to be doing.  Maybe it’s time, time to live, time to express yourself, time to give in or give up.  Maybe it’s time to get your heart racing again.

They say when you take a different way to work (or anywhere) that you usually do, you get new wrinkles in your brain.  Your thoughts, your car, your eyes just might be tired of doing the same thing every single day.  I’m not saying you have to go skydiving (although I recommend it because it is quite exciting and your heart will definitely race) but what about a different route to work?  What about making a new friend?  What about buying some flowers for someone or wearing yellow if you always wear brown?

When I can’t find something in the bathroom, I stand on the toilet to look for it or I look in the mirror to find it.  Maybe what you have been looking for really is right in front of you but in an opportunity you weren’t expecting.

What about walking someone’s dog or shaving your cat or reading books to children at a school or taking up basket weaving (I hear underwater is superb) or mowing someone’s grass or listening to TED talks or voting or going to an Opera or learning to make candles or visiting 5 churches on Easter Morning (I did that once, it was…fun- for lack of a better word) or finish your degree or pay off your debt or go to a touristy city that’s near you and do touristy things or have a pillow fight or cook a bunch of spaghetti and take bath in it or put in on a slip n slide or learn Japanese or see how many strangers you can get to laugh at you or dress up as a homeless person and spend the night under a bridge or give paint a room in your house a different color or dye your hair or have a tea party or tell your friends you love them or ask for help  or call your grandma or print out all those pictures you have stored in your camera or buy a polaroid camera and take pictures of all the food from a new recipe book that you make or dress up in a Halloween Costume (not on Halloween) or learn the Fibonacci sequence or the Morse Code or learn to tie a cherry stem in your mouth or give away half your stuff or find someone who needs a smile and give them one or audit a class at a college or rake someone’s leaves somewhere or take a walk in the rain with yellow rain boots or write a blog or buy new foods at the Asian grocery store that you didn’t know existed or make a collage out of fortune cookie fortunes or watch a whole Trilogy in 1 sitting or buy a record player and lots of records or give a $50 tip to a barista or …I’m out of ideas now actually. But I think that’s a solid list to give you some new ideas of what you could possibly do that might just change your life.  You never know when watching a whole trilogy all at once might just change your life.

Ok, it might not change your life but you might get a new wrinkle on your brain and that’s worth it, right?