Today, as I was driving home, tired on a Friday night, I had a moment where I thought I missed my exit off of Interstate 5 South. There were trees/bushes on both sides of the highway and I found myself thinking “Three years of taking the same dang exit and I finally missed it because I was too deep in thought”. I have had this feeling many times actually because the mile before my exit looks like nothing. It never looks familiar. It never looks like I am almost home.

But the truth is, I have NEVER missed that exit. Never.

I have missed plenty of other exits. I have gotten lost so many times in so many places. I am no stranger to being an idiot driving around in circles, not wanting to ask anyone for help because I know I am so close. Why ask for help when the place you are going is right around the corner?  I have circled neighborhoods for 30-60 minutes, lost. I have been late so many times to so many things because I had no idea where I was going. It was a new area, it was raining, it was dark, it was unfamiliar, I was stressed, I was worried, I was distracted or I was too happy and just not thinking straight. So many reasons for the last 18 years of driving and periodically getting lost.

But that exit to my house? Never missed it. I’ve passed it on purpose because I decided to go to the mall but I have never missed it on accident. My autopilot knows exactly how to get me home.

You are almost home, you feel lost and clueless but the truth is you aren’t going to miss your exit.  When it really counts, you aren’t going to miss it. You will know that you know that you know exactly where you are suppose to be.

You may get lost going other places. You may learn a lot about yourself when you are driving around in circles trying to get to a dinner party but when you are going home, you won’t miss your exit.

Your AutoPilot has a plan for you, a good plan. He knows the plans he has for you, plans to give you a great future, a Hope. He has been this way before and He understands your weaknesses.  He will get you where you need to be, at the right time. Don’t worry. He has it all mapped out, all planned, all ready.