****I wrote this a year or two ago, just found it, and wanted to post it****

Everyday is an adventure to understand God more and more.

It was Saturday. I had gotten up in plenty of time to make biscuits and gravy for an event I was attending in 2.5 hours. Plenty of time. I made the biscuits perfect. Everything was going according to plan until I added too much milk to the gravy. Then it wasn’t thick anymore! I forgot I didn’t have any cornstarch…so I started adding a flour mixture. It wasn’t helping at all.  Ahhhhh!! I failed!

Watery gravy is the worst!

It was 9:55am, my hair was a mess, I wasn’t dressed yet, no contacts in and no make up on! I had 5 minutes before I had to leave leave. Dangit. I didn’t have a choice. I had to at least look good!

I yelled at the gravy/God “Jesus! You have to fix this gravy because I have got to get dressed!” And I left. I left my gravy on the burner so I could get ready. I rushed downstairs, got ready mostly, ran back up stairs 7 minutes later. My gravy. was. PERFECT.  He didn’t add any salt so I added a little bit more so it would taste more like a delicious heart attack. “Good job my Jesus! You fixed my gravy! I owe ya.”

I’m not trying to insult your intelligence. God is plenty busy sitting in Heaven, answering prayers, not worrying about a thing. He is God. He is not running around, wringing his hands, crinkling his forehead, saying “Oh dear, oh dear, what am I going to do? So many problems and that little itty bitty devil is so annoying!”

He is relaxed. Even if he was running behind on something, he could stop the clock, get everything done, and neither you nor I would even know. He doesn’t forget, he doesn’t fear the future, he doesn’t wonder what is going to happen, he is not fearful, he is not stressed, he is not discouraged, or moody, or passive-aggressive, or surprised, or irritable. He can be mysterious. He is intelligent, he does know the future, he is in charge, he can do anything he wants, he tells the truth, he is not lethargic, he is closer than you think, what happens in the universe is only because he allowed it, he does see the big picture, he can turn anything around, he can redeem anything, he can give you a million dollars if he wants, he can stop the earth in orbit, he knows you better than you know yourself, he has a sense of humor, he doesn’t have any guilt, he doesn’t have any regrets.

And He loves you so much that He can fix your gravy when it is a watery mess.